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Learn Violin

Learn Carnatic, Play Anything! Carnatic Music is an Indian Classical Music that evolved from ancient Sanatana dharma sciences and traditions, particularly the Samaveda. Ancient treatises also describe the connection of the origin of the swaras, or notes, to the sounds of animals and birds and man’s effort to simulate these sounds through a keen sense of observation and perception. Moreover, unlike any other form of music, Carnatic music is not just a genre of music that uplifts your mood, it is a divine force that can uplift your life energies and can be used as a great tool for spiritual growth.

Carnatic Studios

This is where the magic happens! A place where your Creativity becomes tangible! This is the place where I create my music compositions, produce them and then film and edit to produce quality music videos for my YouTube channel. The good news for you is that now you can also utilize this space and my skills to make your own projects. Everything from recording a song, mixing & mastering, video recording & editing to Live streaming your concert to any social platform. This place is especially dedicated to Carnatic projects & Carnatic musicians.

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