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Annual Review 2021

Lots of habits, and hence, many accomplishments were achieved this year! I thought 2020 was the best year of my life, and 2021 turned out to be even better! Some of the things that happened in 2021 were out of my range of predictability. In other words, I didn’t think at all, of them at the end of 2020.

The purpose of the Annual review is not to show off my accomplishments or to make you feel less, instead, it is for my interest in documenting my life publicly. In other words, to etch my legacy onto the walls of this website. And also to inspire you and myself to do more and better in the coming year – 2022.

Ok, that being said, let’s get into it. I’d like to classify my Annual review points into 2, Quantitive and Qualitative. Quantitative is the attractive part to flex, and qualitative is the part which I don’t have any proof to showcase, yet I know I’ve got that. But of course, the fulfillment you get in having accomplished both ways is beyond words. Ok, so let me begin with Quantitative itself.

Highlights of Quantitative growth in 2021:

  1. Website launched
  2. My originals streaming on all major platforms
  3. Books read – 55
  4. No. of blogs written – 35
  5. Original music – 3
  6. Videos made – 14
    1. Originals – 3
    2. Collabs – 4
    3. Others – 7
  7. Wrote a book, yet to be published

There are of course many other quantitative points I can add like YouTube, Website & Spotify metrics, My networth. But I didn’t add them because I want to show you the only ones I consciously made choices and habits that made these happen. And numbers like my networth are not huge in terms of rupees, but only seem huge in terms of percentage.

Highlights of Qualitative growth in 2021:

  1. This year was filled with new and unique experiences – everything from traveling to new places within and out of Bangalore, trying out new dishes, to filming in my mind the entire stretch of rituals done after my grandfather died.
  2. Since this year is the year that I’ve written the most, it was very transformative and therapeutic. And due to which my low-feel curves were lesser than last year.
  3. Lots of reflection with October 3rd week being the peak of the times of realizations. I’m now able to perceive Advaita very closely. I just shrugged, remembering the time when I clearly saw the distance between my 5 sheaths, especially with the mind and body.
  4. Great sense of stillness installed, a scent of it being always with me. 
  5. More awareness and conscious. Way ahead than last year.

Again, I can add more here too. But I felt only these as highly signficant that I can remember as of now. And one more thing, qualitative growth points seem very cheezy or cliche. But I gurantee that none of the above points are exaggeration of the actual situation. That is all, for this year’s annual review.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

Wish you a very Happy New Year !!!

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