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My Book – The Flower of Fufillment

A book that connects all the dots and tries to get a clearer picture of Life!

The ‘personal growth’ book everyone must start with!



The Second Key for Students of Life-long learning

Like the previous blog of this sequel, I address only the process of true learning and mastery, not the mass information imposition that the conventional “education” system does. Read the Blog for better context. The first key as I’ve already mentioned in the blog 68: The One thing that distinguishes excellent students, is the most crucial aspect. But that takes…

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6 Ways to Take a Break!

Namasthe I’m back! I don’t know if you had noticed, but I had paused uploading blogs every week. I wanted to take a break. We all know that taking a break helps us, don’t we? It gives us the opportunity to introspect and gain more clarity on our intent and also it replenishes our enthusiasm and creativity. In this blog,…

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Monthly Wrap! (July 2023)

Did you know I write a blog every week? Well apparently, I’ve been writing for 118 weeks now! If you knew I write and if you’ve read some of my blogs, I would like to say I’m grateful! Thank You for reading.      If you did not know, or if you’ve missed reading some of my blogs, I’ve made a list…

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Atheist vs Not-Ajnani: Embracing Humility in a Self-Centric Society

In the blog 97: 7 Delusions that can hold you back, I mention this, it’s what the author Robin Sharma calls WRAM syndrome (World Revolves around me). [ I suggest it will be helpful to read that entire blog and go through that list of 7 delusions I’ve mentioned there ]. Not-Ajnani is one who is not suffering that syndrome. WRAM…

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Ep54: The Biggest Problem for Humanity Manana Podcast

Recommended playback speed – 1.5x If you'd like to read the blog instead – Blog 69: The Biggest Problem for Humanity   About the podcast: 'Manana' is a Sanskrit word that means Reflection or contemplation. In this podcast, I'll be sharing my deep insightful reflections for you to contemplate and hence live a life of fulfillment! I hope you find great value in this podcast. To know more, head over to sanathkumarnaibhi.com, and if you haven't already check out my book The Flower Of Fulfillment. Thank you for listening, and I wish you have a great day!
  1. Ep54: The Biggest Problem for Humanity
  2. Ep 53 – One thing that distinguishes Excellent Students
  3. Ep52: Namasthe!
  4. Ep51: CREATE = ART | Art alone!
  5. Ep50: Busy? Listen to this!

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