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Do you understand ‘The Joker’?

Yes, I’m referring to ”The Joker” from the movie ‘Joker’, a masterpiece of work by Todd Phillips and amazingly enacted by Joaquin Phoenix. You’ve watched that movie? Yes, that movie, which is one of the most depressing movies of all time! If not, go watch that movie, not for entertainment, but to observe and learn objectively. When I first watched…

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A Compass For Life!

In blog 2: Read your obituaries I talked about remembering our mortality every day to put our whole life into a clearer perspective. However, that blog was just a reminder and advice in a general or broad sense. It was more about pondering what you would do now, knowing that you’ll die today. In this blog, I want to show…

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Burn Your Certificates!

Let me start off, by using the famous Spiderman movie quote – “With great power comes great responsibility”. You can translate that to – “With every power, comes its own responsibility”. We may not receive superpowers like Spiderman but we receive certificates that provide us with the power of social status. You may be valued highly for the certificate you’ve…

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