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Monthly Wrap! (January 2023)

Monthly Wraps are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month which include: Here’s the “Monthly Wrap!” of January 2023. Blogs I wrote this month: Book Recommendations: This month I could read 4 good books: What I curated: Movies: 1. Ram Setu, 2. Rocket Singh, 3. 1980,   4.King’sman the secret service, 5.King’sman : the golden circle, 6.The…

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See Think Choose

Last week we saw the 6 super helpful decision-making tools. In this blog, we’ll see what we undergo in every decision-making process, see what’s at the core, and through it, help ourselves learn the art of designing our Lives through our choices. We all know it, yet we fail to utilize that wisdom when required. Of course, it is not…

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6 Decision-making Tools

In the last blog, I told you about the concept called LIFE Alignment, where we saw what all is LIFE and we saw why need not be in Union but we can and must always be aligned. That concept will definitely help your decision-making ability. And that led me to this week’s blog, to compile the best decision-making tools I’ve…

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Ep36: Artist vs Hack Manana Podcast

Recommended playback speed – 1.25x If you'd like to read the blog instead – Blog 46: Artist vs Hack Related blogs: Blog 19 Are you truly an artist? Blog 20: Why do you create what you create? Blog 65: CREATE = ART About the podcast: 'Manana' is a Sanskrit word that means Reflection or contemplation. In this podcast, I'll be sharing my deep insightful reflections for you to contemplate and hence live a life of fulfillment! I hope you find great value in this podcast. To know more, head over to sanathkumarnaibhi.com, and if you haven't already check out my book The Flower Of Fulfillment. Thank you for listening, and I wish you have a great day!
  1. Ep36: Artist vs Hack
  2. Ep35: A Student
  3. Ep34: You're a Multi-Passionate? | Listen to this!
  4. Ep33: Reasons to Write everyday
  5. Ep32: Hope

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