The Flower Of Fulfillment

The Flower Of Fulfillment

The Flower Of Fulfillment Book is an index for a life of fulfillment!


Like how scientists are trying to find are working on a unified theory that can hold the equations of Newtonian physics as well as quantum mechanics, etc, Sanath Kumar Naibhi through his book wanted to connect various self-help, Life philosophies, and concepts related to personal development. And I think that’s what this book will be doing, to connect all the dots. To connect all the philosophies and best practices from all the books I loved and the practices I’ve received benefits from.

“And this is a very practical book. Every insight in this book is the result of my own observation, experience, and reflections. So it’s not just theory. All the methodologies I’ve suggested in this book are tested by myself and hence I’m sharing what worked for me! You may not agree to accept my perspective on life as yours, but this will definitely help you build your own.” 

Starting from telling you what are the different forms of entropy, talking about the difference between success and fulfillment, its elements, how to find fulfillment in this journey: Life, to habits and finally explaining how your acts as of now are not wrong and its awareness and habits that are true oxygen for the fulfillment, I’ve tried to connect all the dots, all the aspects that have improved my life drastically, in the form of mental models of mine such as – Candlestick Analogy, 5 I’s of Success, Success Archetypes, ‘Life as _, The fulfillment flower, etc being served to you as a fictional story.

The Flower Of Fulfillment is a ‘personal growth’ book that everyone must start with!

This gives you the context of all other books and you can continue to read them and add those concepts to the categories they belong to after you’ve read this book. In other words, this is an index for Life!

Through this book, I want to encourage you to think, question, self-interrogate, and, reflect on all the concepts and practice all the habits mentioned in the book and feel free to make your perspective and chest of wisdom out of it.

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Introduction by the Author

“To draw an exact image of Life is beyond our power, but I’m trying to do my best to help you do your best!”


What an enriching experience it was!! The book is a complete package on how to start living a fulfilled life! The simple language and relatable examples help you understand the concepts well, the author has done a commendable job in explaining complex concepts in a much simpler way! I don’t think anybody can miss reading this simple yet profound book!

– Shreeranjini

It’s a gem!

– Vijith S

This is a must read for anyone trying hard to change their life move towards fulfillment and be happy!

-Prashant Singh

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something you could turn to for every question, every doubt, every problem in your life. A place where you could find solutions, or if not that, at least the direction that you need to take to get to your answers. The Flower of Fulfillment is your one stop to get to the answers to all your queries in life. The book is a practical guide that the readers can implement to their lives to live better and more fulfilling life. The book has everything from getting the most out of your day, to becoming successful. The author has put in the book based on his own experiences in life.

I have found the message in this book to be very strong and moving. The book is inspiring and I am sure more readers will see life in the same light after reading the book. Make fulfilment your goal with The Flower of Fulfillment.

-Tanmay Mehta

This is a self- help masterpiece read that will help you to to self realise your worth and live a happy life. All the techniques and methods are mentioned in the book that will help you to self- interrogate. A mandatory read by everyone.

-Vanshika Sharma

The Flower of Fulfillment
Sanath Kumar Naibhi
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