Would You Recognise Shree Rama?

You can consider this blog as a preface of my blog The Gifts of Obscurity or a continuation of my other blog People Don’t want Good. Either way, I mention them just to help you to think and understand even better this perspective I’m going to talk about in this blog. Ok, I’ll not beatContinue reading “Would You Recognise Shree Rama?”

Monthly Book Recommendation

The monthly Book recommendation is a short blog post/ newsletter I write to you on what books I read in the previous month and what I’ll be reading next. This month I could read 5 books (3 paperback and 2 Audiobooks). Books I read in November 2021: The Power Of Now Eckhart Tolle – AContinue reading “Monthly Book Recommendation”

Advaita & Meditation

In this blog, I’ll talk mainly about how Advaita changed the way I meditate and through it, my Life. I was fascinated by spirituality since I was a kid. But nothing worked for me in that direction, or did it? I was always fascinated by the systems our ancestors had to connect to the eternalContinue reading “Advaita & Meditation”

Quantity vs Quality | The Ultimate Inference

I previously thought (last year), that I was a very good reader due to the fact that I read only 1 book every 1 or 2 months because I had this notion that I’m doing it well, the quality of my reading is greater than if I’d be reading 4 or 5 books a monthContinue reading “Quantity vs Quality | The Ultimate Inference”

The Keystone Habit that Changed my Life!

It’s not that I was nowhere near this particular behavior before and it was after that my life changed. No, But my life changed when that behavior became a conscious and consistent habit! The habit I’m talking about is waking up at 5 AM. It’s not that I was very lazy and had always beenContinue reading “The Keystone Habit that Changed my Life!”

3 must know facts for a wisdom seeker

This blog will infer nothing. It is just a few facts about wisdom seekers. This blog would still interest you if you are someone who continuously seeks wisdom. Let me start by telling you the number one truth/fact that a wisdom seeker knows or should know: Is that, his knowledge is always incomplete. A wiseContinue reading “3 must know facts for a wisdom seeker”

The Gifts of Obscurity

No matter how great you grow, in terms of awareness, work done, or how knowledgeable and skilled you become, it’s still a probability that you might be recognized by the people for all that you are. But that does not mean you are not what you are. You are still worth as much as youContinue reading “The Gifts of Obscurity”

Are you playing the long game?

In my second blog: Read your obituary every day, I wrote about reminding yourself of mortality and living as though today’s your last day. But I had forgotten about the extreme point which is also very important to be aware of. That is Longevity. Almost all the legends, all the world-class A-players of life haveContinue reading “Are you playing the long game?”

I Quit!

For the past month or so I’ve been dabbling with situations that are pushing me to quit! To quit everything! Situations that have made my brains ask questions like why exist? After all that you’ve been doing, nothing works, nobody cares, then why do, why do you even exist? Oh wait, I thought this blogContinue reading “I Quit!”