Artist vs Hack

This blog is a sequel to my previous blog: Are you truly an artist? And this blog is not for everyone, it’s for you, the few dedicated ones. It’s for the few that have the ability to change the many! And to provide you with a hook to continue to read on, this is whatContinue reading “Artist vs Hack”

Monthly Wrap!

Yes, that’s right! I changed the monthly book recommendations (which are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month) to “Monthly Wrap” because as always, I have more to give, hence I keep expanding the means through which I can do that. So, what does a Monthly Wrap include? Book recommendations  ResourcesContinue reading “Monthly Wrap!”

You’re a Multi Passionate?

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a long time. Mainly because over time, I’ve seen many of my colleagues, friends, relatives, etc give this as a reason to not do anything. But, I understand. Even I’m a person with multiple passions. I love many things in life, I love life itself, and capturingContinue reading “You’re a Multi Passionate?”

Reasons to write everyday

Have mentioned this in my first blog and even in my book – The Flower Of Fulfillment, highlighting the importance of writing every day. And through this blog, I wanted to encapsulate and give you a few major reasons why you must start writing every day. Often, in our daily lives, we come across variousContinue reading “Reasons to write everyday”

Monthly Book Recommendations

The monthly Book recommendation is a short blog post/ newsletter I write to you every last Sunday of the month on what books I read in the previous month, what I’ll be reading next, and also updates on the book I’m writing. This month I could read 5 books (3 paperback and 2 Audiobooks), thanksContinue reading “Monthly Book Recommendations”

The Pot Of Solitude

Almost every blog I write is based upon the last week or the experiences and reflections that I’m currently going through. Alike that, this week too, I’m writing this blog based on what I’m currently doing. I’m refueling my pot of solitude. That’s right. I call it that because that helps me explain to makeContinue reading “The Pot Of Solitude”

Resistance & the surprising solution to beat it!

Let me first remind you this again, and I say ‘remind’ & ‘again’ because I’ve told you this many times. Every blog of mine is the result of the knowledge I’ve acquired by various means, but more than that, and more importantly, it’s the offspring of my seemingly everlasting contemplation i.e, reflections, that are basedContinue reading “Resistance & the surprising solution to beat it!”