Reasons to write everyday

Have mentioned this in my first blog and even in my book – The Flower Of Fulfillment, highlighting the importance of writing every day. And through this blog, I wanted to encapsulate and give you a few major reasons why you must start writing every day.

Often, in our daily lives, we come across various and variety of thoughts and ideas passing by our minds. And we tend to neglect almost all of them. And when I say writing every day, I mean collecting your thoughts, ideas, reflecting, journaling, anything and everything that helps your thoughts to take a physical or virtual form other than just to get lost in your mind. Your thoughts are too valuable to be discarded simply like that.

Ok, let me get into the core of the blog, the reasons to write every day:

  1. Clears your thoughts and solidifies your knowledge. As you write down your thoughts in either physical form or virtual form (as in a digital app), you are essentially giving it another form/dimension to exist. Moreover, our brains are designed to think, not store. Writing helps you do that, utilizing your brainpower to think. It’s like you’re forming an index of your mind. By clearing your thoughts and solidifying your knowledge, you receive some other benefits attached to it:
    • Comprehending more and novel knowledge and ideas becomes easier. As you may know, we learn by relating the novel idea or concept to the concepts and ideas we already know. And since your thoughts are so clear, comprehending new knowledge becomes very efficient. 
    • Ability to articulate improves. Simply said, practice makes progress. Since you are trying to articulate your thoughts when you write, that pushes your brain to tend in that direction, more concepts and ideas you haven’t articulated yet will start manifesting as more thoughts to write. And not only your writing improves but also the ability to articulate in words through speech. So if you’re either a wanna-be writer or an orator, or even YouTuber for that matter, writing is a must for you.
    • It helps you as a great tool in your spiritual journey and awareness timeline. Again, in simple words, you do not want to reinvent the wheel. What I mean to say is, once you figure out a concept or a thought of reflection or an idea, and once you write it down anywhere, that idea or thought becomes your permanently, you no longer have to worry about losing it and prevents re-thinking about the same idea/thought/concept from scratch. And that is the needle mover, you move across your awareness timeline at a more steady pace as you’ve avoided stagnating by re-thinking and overthinking.  
  2. Mental health improves as writing is essentially decluttering your mental space. When you write down the thoughts that are in forefront of your mindscape, you allow more thoughts and concepts to replace/fill in. And feeling light after you’ve completed a writing session is a more immediately evident benefit of writing.
  3. Creativity increases due to accessibility to your thoughts. Essentially, creativity according to today’s science, is the connection of neural networks of multi-disciplinary concepts and ideas. And those connections become way easier, more efficient, and a recurring phenomenon when you have consciously constructed those neural networks through the habit of writing. And also, when you write, possibilities of idea generation will increase as when you look at what you’ve written physically or digitally, random connections are more likely to occur.

By this blog, I would like to urge you to start writing every day if you haven’t already. And if you’re someone who already has the habit of writing daily, I urge you to become more conscious and collect more thoughts, reflections, concepts, and ideas even more often. And I urge you to collect all of them in one place, preferably in a cloud-synced digital app as your reflections, thoughts, and ideas collection continues to grow, and managing them in physical format would be tedious. But, of course, it’s your subjective preference. I hope this blog has been of great value to you.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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A creative personality striving to live life to the fullest and inspire creatives through creating and sharing artworks in various forms – music videos, blogs, etc Sanath Kumar Naibhi is a Carnatic Classical musician, violin being his instrument of expertise. He has completed his Proffeciancy Level Music Exam ( Vidwat ) in distinction. He has also been a vivid writer for past year, just writing online or hoarding in his notes up until now. Now that this website is launched and the whole purpose is to share his work, he writes blogs and shares weekly newsletters of off his wisdom hoarded notes. Also, he is amidst the journey of writing his first book which intends to brings awareness of “Living a Life of Fulfilment”.

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