8 Simple Facts that can help you beat Resistance!

At the core, what are people actually struggling with? Ignorance and Resistance. That is, people struggle by not knowing something or by only partially knowing something and then there is the struggle of not being able to do/act on what they know. It’s actually one thing, but it seems to be two things. And thatContinue reading “8 Simple Facts that can help you beat Resistance!”

Resistance & the surprising solution to beat it!

Let me first remind you this again, and I say ‘remind’ & ‘again’ because I’ve told you this many times. Every blog of mine is the result of the knowledge I’ve acquired by various means, but more than that, and more importantly, it’s the offspring of my seemingly everlasting contemplation i.e, reflections, that are basedContinue reading “Resistance & the surprising solution to beat it!”