Nurturing a Mentally Healthy Environment

This month, I’ve tried to write my thoughts (at least whatever came to me then) on mental health. We saw Blog 101: Read this when you’re feeling low!, Blog 102: 4 Essentials Tools for mental health recovery, and Blog 103: Protecting our Mental Health & Mindset. In this blog, let’s dive into how can weContinue reading “Nurturing a Mentally Healthy Environment”

Protecting our mental health & mindset

In the last 2 blogs, we saw tools to overcome not-so-good times or low mental states. In this blog, we’ll think about protecting our mental health and mindset. In this modern digital era, protecting one’s mental health has become and is becoming very crucial. The world around us is rapidly evolving, but we feel likeContinue reading “Protecting our mental health & mindset”

4 Essential Tools for Mental Health

In the last blog, I gave away a list of insights/learnings/realizations I had gathered over a long time. That list can be helpful when you’re in a not-so-good or low time. Depending on your situation, you’ll find particular insight very helpful. In this blog, however, we’ll see what that list looks like when simplified toContinue reading “4 Essential Tools for Mental Health”

When you’re feeling low, Read this!

This is my 101st blog, If you did not know, or if you’ve missed reading some of my blogs, I’ve made a list of My Top Blogs, to begin with.  In this blog, let’s talk about the un-talked. It’s our not-so-good or low-feel or low times, sadness, depression even. I’m just another person, so IContinue reading “When you’re feeling low, Read this!”

Hardships & Pain

What comes to your mind when you read the word ‘pain’? Did you remember a movie line or did you remember your worst pain? If you said yes to the latter, what kind of pain was it? Hardships are not just when it’s only slavery, imprisonment, poverty, etc, all that you’ve read about or watchedContinue reading “Hardships & Pain”

Reasons to write everyday

Have mentioned this in my first blog and even in my book – The Flower Of Fulfillment, highlighting the importance of writing every day. And through this blog, I wanted to encapsulate and give you a few major reasons why you must start writing every day. Often, in our daily lives, we come across variousContinue reading “Reasons to write everyday”

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