This blog is mainly for the readers of Bharath! [ Bharath is not just a geographical area, it is an idea, a lifestyle, or in other words, Bharath is a culture!]. And I’m writing this because of what I’ve experienced when I say “Namasthe”. Some people say “Hi” even after they’ve heard what I’ve toldContinue reading “Namasthe!”

A Student

In blog 26, I wrote a little about what a seeker must be like. In this blog, I continue to talk about the characteristics of a seeker, but particularly, focusing on “student”. Through this blog, I only intend to remind everyone of the student they must be. And by “student” I don’t mean to highlightContinue reading “A Student”

3 must know facts for a wisdom seeker

This blog will infer nothing. It is just a few facts about wisdom seekers. This blog would still interest you if you are someone who continuously seeks wisdom. Let me start by telling you the number one truth/fact that a wisdom seeker knows or should know: Is that, his knowledge is always incomplete. A wiseContinue reading “3 must know facts for a wisdom seeker”

Delusions – Part 2

I think the concept of delusion has stuck with me. And the more I see, the more I write. Here’s the last blog on delusions for at least this month : ) Forget the idea that being evil is the right way, forget bad is good because it shouldn’t have made it into your mindContinue reading “Delusions – Part 2”

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