Understanding Advaita | Part-6| Conclusion

I’ll be concluding this series with this part for now. Advaita is a very abstract concept, it is very theoretical people say. Yes, it is true in some sense, but through my blogs, I’ve tried to make Advaita as relevant as possible – from the different perspectives mentioned in Part-1 to this last one. IContinue reading “Understanding Advaita | Part-6| Conclusion”

Understanding Advaita | Part -5 | MAYA & Awareness

OK, let me summarize all that we know so far. In Part 1: we saw Advaita relative to Dwaitha, and we saw that Non-duality and duality are not contradictory, but that they are truths at different planes of reality. In Part 2: we busted some more myths like the phrase “Aham Brahmasmi” translates to “IContinue reading “Understanding Advaita | Part -5 | MAYA & Awareness”

Understanding Advaita | Part – 4 | Why Advaita?

I hope by now you’ve realized that non-duality is simply the reality of nature. And that Understanding Advaita = understanding reality. Non-duality is an obvious conclusion (after reading Part -1). That is, when you are viewing from the widest scope, everything is one. And that, dualities exist in our perception (i.e, duality exists only whenContinue reading “Understanding Advaita | Part – 4 | Why Advaita?”

Understanding Advaita – Part 2 | Mythbusting

In the last blog, (Blog 58: Understanding Advaita – Part 1) we saw Advaita relative to Dwaitha, and mainly, we saw how Advaita and Dwaitha are not opposites. You may say they are two concentric circles, Advaita being the outer radius circle. To understand Advaitha, It’s very essential to know what it is not. So,Continue reading “Understanding Advaita – Part 2 | Mythbusting”

Understanding Advaita – Part 1 | Advaitha relative to Dwaitha

Since I noticed many people around me seem interested in Advaita (as I’ve come to know by their reactions to my WhatsApp stories and their tendency to ask questions to me about Advaita), I’ve thought of writing a series of blogs on Understanding Advaita. I don’t know how many parts/blogs this will eventually require, butContinue reading “Understanding Advaita – Part 1 | Advaitha relative to Dwaitha”

Understanding Advaitha | Part -3 | Why the discrepancies?

Namasthe! Welcome back to the series “Understanding Advaita”. In the first 2 parts, we’ve discussed Advaita relative to Dwaitha and busted some of the most common myths about Advaita. In this blog, we’ll be seeing the reason for the confusion and discrepancies. Why are there so many teachings of Advaita that are misunderstood? Why theseContinue reading “Understanding Advaitha | Part -3 | Why the discrepancies?”

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7 Delusions that can hold you back

We’ve seen what resistance is in blog 37. Today’s blog builds on the wisdom that – It’s only when one lacks clarity ( awareness) that there’s inaction. When and Where there’s clarity, there’s action. Also, we’ve already discussed the role of assumption in creating delusion in Blog:94. Assumptions are the core bodies of delusions. One should be mindfulContinue reading “7 Delusions that can hold you back”

Monthly Wrap! (February 2023)

Monthly Wraps are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month which include: Here’s the “Monthly Wrap!” of February 2023. Blogs I wrote this month: Book Recommendations: This month I could read 6 books: What I curated: Movies: 1. It’s a beautiful Life, 2. The Man from Earth, 3. La la land,Continue reading “Monthly Wrap! (February 2023)”

8 Simple Facts that can help you beat Resistance!

At the core, what are people actually struggling with? Ignorance and Resistance. That is, people struggle by not knowing something or by only partially knowing something and then there is the struggle of not being able to do/act on what they know. It’s actually one thing, but it seems to be two things. And thatContinue reading “8 Simple Facts that can help you beat Resistance!”