Choosing to Believe in Your Truth: Unlocking Success & Embracing Action

“Choosing to Believe in Your Truth: Unlocking Success and Embracing Action” is definitely a catchy title I asked chat GPT to work better for SEO. Let’s say you’re already practicing witness mode and have realized a few truths, especially your truth, that is, what you feel is your way of serving, in this lifetime. As we’ve talked about in the blog: The last key to success, the last leap is in choosing to believe in that truth you’ve realized.


To whom this blog is not for

Before you proceed any further, please note, this blog is not for one who already has inaction as their philosophy. If you’re reading this, I think you’re not that person. This blog is for someone who is willing to work but is in the crosshairs of deciding between passions and choosing to believe. [ Also read the blog: You’re a multi-passionate? ]


When “Believing” makes sense

I’ve debunked “believing” in my blogs. When there’s awareness, there’s no need for believing. When you see the snake, you immediately jump, you do not ask yourself to believe it. But what if that snake turns out to be a fake one, and that happens multiple times? Or what if the fake snake’s bite causes you to bleed? Then, even though it is impossible logically, you choose to believe that the poison has been ingested into your system, you’ll call for help and/or do the necessary first-aid believing the poison is in the bleeding region.


If you didn’t understand any of that, leave. It’s the improvisation of an analogy from previous blogs. And all you need to understand from that analogy is that sometimes in life, even though conventional reasoning has different opinions, you just got to choose to believe in YOUR TRUTH [ You know if you know ] and plunge into action towards that realization.


The Need for Frameworks

Actually, we are naturally designed to do this, to believe in some philosophy/truths. Functioning without some framework as a reference is almost impossible for our human brain. Have you seen a person who doesn’t subscribe to any philosophy? If yes, then he/she will have her own philosophy against all other philosophies, right? Stories play a major role here. We interpret, store, and communicate almost everything through stories. So we need stories to feel connected and to understand our place in the grander scheme of life.


Time is the only reality

No philosophy, or story is needed to accept that, right? And in that reality, no matter who you are, or what you do, you’ll be nothing, you’ll be forgotten anyway. Not just you and me, people will even forget even Apple company someday. Imagine that. Maybe not in a few decades, or even centuries but definitely after thousands of years, right? And this realization should liberate you, and at the same time ease you into action.


My point is, do not wait for a philosophy, a mystical experience, or someday, somehow you’ll realize what is your truth and then you’ll start doing something about it. Follow your gut right now. What interests you? What does not?


Choosing to believe in your truth means to:

  1. Removing resistance in all formats 
    1. Self-doubt
    2. Inertia/laziness
  2. Becoming bold
  3. Consistent action


The universe conspires for you

And whether you can agree on it or not, the universe starts to cooperate with you, in magical ways, at least it feels that way. You’ll receive knowledge, experience, connections, and opportunities exactly as needed. And for that to happen, all you’ve got to do is choose to believe in your truth and plunge yourself into action with slight detachment towards the result. [Sure you can dream but stay unattached to the result.] Just believe and do. You might have seen many people with not-so-great skill levels receive a lot from the universe, sometimes we may think it’s unfair, sure, maybe. Only time will decide whether that person deserves all that he/she has gained. But at its core, what’s working for such people is that they believe in their truth, their story, and their dream so much that it becomes a reality.


This is not magic or new!

Now, you don’t have to fantasize about this concept and make it similar to “THE SECRET” [law of affirmations], this is not magic, this is simply the working of our brain, simple human psychology. When you believe, you have the drive to achieve, and when you are detached from the result, no room for disappointment, and complete focus on action, and hence the results are achieved.


This is not something new. Lord Sri Krishna has already mentioned this while preaching to Arjuna, thousands of years ago. But like any of my blogs, I write what I’ve realized to be true from my own experience and put it here in my words. If these blogs are nudging even a single being from inaction to action, darkness to awareness, then that’s all I aspire to do through these.


Thank You

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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