4 Essential Tools for Mental Health

In the last blog, I gave away a list of insights/learnings/realizations I had gathered over a long time. That list can be helpful when you’re in a not-so-good or low time. Depending on your situation, you’ll find particular insight very helpful. In this blog, however, we’ll see what that list looks like when simplified to its core.

  1. Awareness is light. If there’s pain, that means there’s ignorance. Awareness is the only antidote.  If you are suffering, that means you’re not seeing something. Let that be your way of handling all life’s suffering – Ignorance is the cause of all suffering. And with that mindset, you’ll live a fulfilled life! [ Suggested Read – Be a Bug, Hardships & Pain, Understanding Advaita – Part 6 ]
  2. “You are not that”. One more insight that one must remember when they’re in not-so-good times/when they’re feeling low is that “You are not that”. This is the reality of existence. Everything is one. Or at least, you must know that you are not your personality, you are not your work, you are not your mind and body and hence you are not anything that is the direct aspect of your mind and body. However, to ensure this does not lead to the build-up of our ego and destruction of ever-abundant curiosity and humility, what I do is, at the time of low, I think in 2 directions. One, how could I have not gotten into this situation? If not this time, how can I avoid it the next time if possible? What is the learning/insight/realization that I must take away from this situation? How can I grow from this? Two, say to yourself – “I’m not this persona, so I’m ok to just observe what comes by. The situation moves along, I’ll just observe”. Then the situation has no effect on you, at least ideally. It gets to that point only through practice. Since it is the ultimate realization, it may take entire lifetimes, but nevertheless, it is very useful to be on that path and keep practicing. 
  3. Work is an antidote. Sometimes, we do not what we’re going through. We don’t know why we are sad, or angry, or we don’t even what we are feeling even. Then, ideally, we should try to dissect and understand the situation by writing or by confessing. But we rarely do either. Not many people have the habit of writing and in this society, there are not many people who can just listen, objectively think and offer non-judgmental but kindly ask genuine questions to unravel ourselves even deeper. So, at those times when we can’t wait for awareness to dawn upon us and set us right, work, especially work that gives you a sense of meaning and fulfillment can be the only antidote. [Suggest read – 8 Simple Facts that can help you beat Resistance!, Viveka- The Superpower of Objective Thinking ]
  4. Move. The essence of all the above three points can be seen through this point. Move on the awareness timeline, move through all the situations because you are not the situation or what the situation makes you feel or think you are, and move in terms of action. Lastly, move literally too. Exercise to move your physical body, pranayama to move your energy body, if required and possible, move your workplace to move within your mind, or even go for a short vacation. And once you know what works, make it a habit. [ Suggested Read – LIFE Alignment, 9 Habits that changed my Life! ]

Again, the list can be very helpful when one is at not-so-good or low times, so recommend it to anyone who may be in it right now. And as I mentioned in the last blog too, if you’d like to share your situation and reflect on it together, please feel free to ping me.

Thank You

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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