Monthly Wrap! (January 2023)

Monthly Wraps are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month which include:

  1. Blogs of the month
  2. Book recommendations 
  3. What did I curate? Resources I’m binging on – of course, I’ll be choosing the major ones. Just a brim of how much I curate!
  4. Reminders & Reflections to ponder – Of various of my reflections of the month, I’ll choose one or a few. And some re-realized reminders!
  5. My writing journey/ my book updates 

Here’s the “Monthly Wrap!” of January 2023.

Blogs I wrote this month:

  1. BlogĀ  88: Become a Tap Root
  2. Blog 89: LIFE Alignment
  3. Blog 90: 6 Decision-making Tools
  4. Blog 91: See Think Choose

Book Recommendations:

This month I could read 4 good books:

  1. Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.
  2. Inner engineering by Sadhguru.
  3. Think Straight by Darius Foroux.
  4. The Big Questions of Life by Om Swami.

What I curated:


1. Ram Setu, 2. Rocket Singh, 3. 1980,   4.King’sman the secret service, 5.King’sman : the golden circle, 6.The King’sman (2021), 7.Kshamisi Nimma KAtheyalli haNavilla, 8.Jojo Rabbit


  1. Young Sheldon S6 Ep9 & 10
  2. Only Murders in the building S1 & 2.

Must watch YouTube videos:

Reminders & reflections to ponder:

  • Life is about yoga, in all forms. Awareness, belief, work, energy, all of it is very essential. Hence Balance is very essential.
  • Life is this way, one thing fuels another.
  • Union is liberation. One need not be in union, but can be aligned all the way long.
  • Assumptions are the core bodies of delusions.
  • No matter how much suffering you’ve been through. It does not make you more significant. The baggage does not make your life significant. It’s the awareness you gained through those experiences that moves you forward. If you’re considering just the baggage or the sufferings as your badge of honour, then you are being a fool.
  • Scientists believe it is possible to prove the impossible. Or some day, they might be able to discover, invent or innovate something. But why do many artists think it is impossible for them to become a full-time musician, dancer, or an artist? Why do they assume that that problem is unsolvable?
  • Self acceptance and self love are a sham. It’s self-awareness one must seek. And with awareness, acceptance and love is natural, and obvious outcome. And how can you love something that you don’t know of? And accepting is hard when you’re trying to believe. But when you see, you don’t need to accept, it just happens.

My Writing/Book update:

  • Finally, lot of insights are being bombarded. I guess I’ll soon have no choice but to integrate all of them in my book.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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