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Last week we saw the 6 super helpful decision-making tools. In this blog, we’ll see what we undergo in every decision-making process, see what’s at the core, and through it, help ourselves learn the art of designing our Lives through our choices.

We all know it, yet we fail to utilize that wisdom when required. Of course, it is not wisdom then. We might say, roughly, a decision-making process involves 3 micro processes – 1. See what are all the options we have, 2. Analyze what option to choose, 3. Finally, prioritize one over the other. But I know, you’ll tell me, “if decisions in Life were that easy..”.

In actuality, it is that simple. See, Think, Choose. Any decision, is basically derived from these 3 processes right? Proportions may vary. What makes it complex then?

This points back to Awareness. We are ignorant, especially about ourselves. And even if we take the 3 processes into consideration with respect to awareness, we are incapable of all the 3 if are not aware. How can one see without awareness? And if you cannot see, forget about thinking and choosing.

Let’s say you are stuck in a situation in your life, and you don’t know what to do next. And according to you, you see only 2 options. But what if there is a third option? What if that would have been a beautiful journey and hence the right decision for you and that you couldn’t see it?

Ok, let’s say you’ve clearly realized how many options you have. Then let’s say, you think choice A would be the right decision to make. After thinking further you think choice B would be the right decision to make. And after a while you think it is Choice C. And then through even further thinking, you are back to choice A. What would you do then? You didn’t budge, you were stuck, and you are still stuck.

Ok, let’s say you’ve thought about it long enough and now you’ve chosen B. And you start working towards that. And it works! You become very successful at that endeavor. Soon, however, it may be months or years of working on that decision you made, and something else turns up. And what’s that? It’s the accumulation of all that you had not prioritized in order to prioritize the decision (B) you made quite a long ago. Remember: The compound Effect is so powerful, so if the nature of the accumulated stuff multiplies exponentially.

However, essentially, all these 3 processes are just one. It is practicing your Viveka – Objective Thinking. Viveka is the ability to see clearly all that there is to a decision to be made. It is also the ability to think through all the options available without any bias. Viveka is also the ability to prioritize one over the other with complete self-awareness and with the realization of what effect would the accumulation of non-prioritized aspect make on one’s life.

And while I’m emphasizing Viveka and prioritizing through it, it reminds me of my book – The Flower of Fulfillment which will bring great clarity to your life priorities. So, do consider reading it!

Continuous practice of SHRAVANA, MANANA, and NIDHIDHYASANA is the way to develop or let’s say unmask Viveka in you. Other than that, I’ve already talked about Viveka in my blog 85 which has some extra pointers. You may choose to read it.

Thank You
Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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