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This is a highly valuable insight-containing blog. Please read this completely and share it so that it helps another too.

As I mentioned in Blog 55: A Compass for Life, this is also one of the concepts that can act as a compass/guide in your life. It definitely helps your decision-making process.

Actually, there are two concepts here:

  1. LIFE in Caps
  2. Union vs Alignment

LIFE in Caps

This idea/concept/philosophy has helped me a lot in my decision-making process. It was through intuition of course, that brought this concept into my life. I wasn’t aware of it in these actual words, but I was aware. Whenever I was supposed to make decisions, I gravitated towards LIFE.

This intuition was the by-product of the other two truths I had already realized. One, The Flower of Fulfillment model which has been the best tool for decision-making in my life. Since I realized that model, I could imagine or intuitively think about the ideal state – The peak state of Balance. Two – Jnana Yoga/Advaita philosophy’s one of the core truths, all suffering is due to ignorance, or lack of awareness. This clearly made me see that the ideal state exists, it’s the ignorance that has masked our awareness and hence LIFE. And no wonder there’s suffering.

So What is this LIFE? It is an all-good-encompassing idea. Of course, this should not be perceived just as an idea. But for now, think LIFE is nature or the natural state, the peak state with balance or you can call it the universe, the self, the ultimate consciousness, Brahman, whatever you call it. LIFE seems to suit very well.

Do you need shadowless awareness, ultimate health, infinite creativity, and boundless freedom? LIFE is all that. And as I said, it is the natural state. All you’ve got to do is move towards it.

Now, there’s nothing called a non-life. That is, there is nothing that is not part of life. Everything is life. But we can now see what is non-LIFE. Non-LIFE is when one is far away from the central node of life, that is, from LIFE.

One can be in non-LIFE mode for years or even lifetimes. But eventually, every individual will move towards and eventually become union with LIFE.

Here I must mention the other concept briefly.

Union vs Aligned

I believe that’s already clear to you. Speaking in terms of spirituality, you might not attain liberation, but you must not abandon the path, one must stay aligned in that direction. One need not be in Union but can be aligned, all the way long.

This brings us tremendous ability to keep going. You do not need any motivation to push you after you’ve realized this simple fact. Many times we break down, feeling not able to reach the ideals we’ve set for ourselves. We must try to remember this then. We might not reach the ideal, but we’d rather be aligned and be in the journey than be misaligned or directionless. Which would also be non-LIFE.

Speaking of non-LIFE, one of the most dangerous delusions one can be in is the state where one thinks or says to oneself that he/she is aligned with LIFE, but actually is not. That is the most dangerous place to be. It simply delays one’s alignment with LIFE. Because first he/she must become aware that what he/she assumed LIFE was, is not actually LIFE. Then, he/she has to seek and align with LIFE. Left to natural course, this may take years or lifetimes (based on an individual’s Karma/tendencies) because we know how powerful delusions can be.

However, with conscious effort to stay in the light like a bug, you can accelerate this process. You can be deliberate and choose LIFE! And even though the union cannot be guaranteed (in this lifetime), alignment can definitely be accomplished.

Again, just because this seems too ideal or cliché, please do not neglect or discard this insight. Try it out and see for yourself! Ask yourself this, what thoughts, actions, and emotions feel like LIFE to you? Choose and move towards that.

Thank You

Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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