Monthly Wrap! (December)

Monthly Wraps are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month which include:

  1. Blogs of the month
  2. Book recommendations 
  3. What did I curate? Resources I’m binging on – of course, I’ll be choosing the major ones. Just a brim of how much I curate!
  4. Reminders & Reflections to ponder – Of various of my reflections of the month, I’ll choose one or a few. And some re-realized reminders!
  5. My writing journey/ my book updates 

Here’s December’s “Monthly Wrap!”

Blogs I wrote this month:

  1. Blog 84: Be a Bug!
  2. Blog 85: Viveka – The Super Power of Objective Thinking
  3. Blog 86: Last Key to Success

Book Recommendations:

This month I could read 4 books:

  1. Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey. I listened to this as an audiobook because, I liked the previous audiobook I listened to by the same author, How to Train Your Mind – which is a book on meditation, its scientific benefits, the author’s experience, and simple tactics. I loved that book, so I chose to buy this book with Audible’s free credit. I loved this book too. Great narration. This book makes you even more mindful of your attention & energy.
  2. Be Your Own Sunshine by James Allen. I listened to this audiobook because it was available for free on Audible. This is a compilation of 4 books written by James Allen. I had already read “As a Man Thinketh“. Such books really act as the best kind of reminder to be mindful of your thoughts and deliberately choose what you think.
  3. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown. I read this book because I ran out of books I had bought, and my sister lent me this book. This is a decent book.
  4. Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis & Kester Cotton. This is a great book. Everyone must read this. However, it seems a little repetitive multiple times. The basic concept remains – 1 disease, 2 causes, and 6 paths to health.
  5. Do Epic Shit by Ankur Warikoo is a decent book. It is more like a compilation of insights/reflections of the author, like my Free ebooks. The only difference is he has sorted those insights based on chapters like money, entrepreneurship, relationships, etc. Or you can say that this book is dead similar to The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, the only difference is that Naval did not write that book, his talks were compiled to form a book by Eric Jorgenson. And that is no coincidence. Ankur himself suggests The Almanack of Naval Ravikant as one of the 3 best books to read for his readers. I think authorship should not come that easily. Or in other words, authors should feel more responsible for their time and attention and try to give more value through deep discussions, instead of tiny wisdom nuggets. Sure, all he says rings the sound of truth. But the gong is not able to resonate long enough, because he hits again, that is, he soon shifts the topic of discussion.
  6. Million Dollar Habits by Robert Ringer is a good book. But I wouldn’t call them habits considering how they are presented in the book. The author has presented or explained them like principles or values one needs to adopt. Nevertheless, this is worth reading (or listening to, like I did).

What I curated:


1. Klaus, 2. Sightless, 3. Guru Shishyaru, 4. Vikrant Rona


  1. Young Sheldon S6 Ep8

Must watch YouTube videos:

  1. Inside the Navy’s Indoor Ocean
  2. How to Build Your Bullet Journal (&Second Brain)
  3. This Design Trick surprised me! – Hats off to his level of dedication!

Reminders & reflections to ponder:

  • Every individual must indulge in a pursuit in life. A pursuit that brings a sense of scarcity permanently in him. And yet, motivates him to move in that direction. Creativity & spirituality are the only such pursuits that I can think of.
  • Most people are shades of grey. They are not black or white. That’s why we must not judge people. However, a spiritual person is trying to move toward the light. He is gradually becoming white removing his ignorance. People with very less self-awareness are confused about who they are. That is why they swing between darker & lighter shades of grey.
  • Guiding someone from ignorance to awareness is most likely the toughest job in the world
  • Spreading awareness through art can only provoke & only at the surface level. For deeper awareness, there must be long format texts, question and answer dialects read or listened.
  • Everything should empower you
  • All you’ve got to do is play. Creativity is the beautiful offspring.
  • Workers are not critiques. Critiques are not workers.
  • There’ll be no question of ” how to not quit” or resilience when what you’ve chosen to do is simply your nature of being.
  • You may not be able to imagine it, but first, learn to acknowledge the greatness of the feat accomplished by someone. Or in fact, first of all, try to recognize an accomplishment when you see one, instead of discarding it as something you can’t even imagine doing.
  • Depth is only through awareness. There can be depth only through awareness.

My Writing/Book update:

  • I’ve made no progress in terms of writing this month as I was completely occupied in various projects and concerts.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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