Last Key to Success

I thought about and questioned myself as to what would be the last piece of advice that I would give to someone who’s already living by all the virtues and principles I’ve talked about in the previous blogs. And hence, this blog.

The theme for my blogs from November has been about making the coming days (2023) beautiful. We saw why we need to Become Deep, set steps towards INTENTional Living, Get ourselves a Headstart and Be like a Bug & move towards the light with Viveka.

Even if you’ve mastered all that, as we all know, you still need one key aspect to reach success. And that is resilience. That is, sticking long enough to reap the benefits. But I’m not here to tell you just that.

Resilience is just a word, that’s an amalgamation of different virtues. One of the main ingredients would be patience. But I’m not here to talk about patience too. Patience is required but I practice only as a reminder when I’m overwhelmed or overthinking.

I’m here to tell you the ingredient, the actual secret ingredient that lies in resilience. Once you’ve figured this one out, resilience is natural and obvious.

But I don’t know what to call it. Passion? No, This is not an impulse or reactive. This is a state of being where you know that you are born to do just that. And this comes from a place of awareness. It feels natural in this state. And does not feel that way otherwise.

It is a way of living, you know intrinsically, that makes you fulfilled. You wouldn’t budge from that lifestyle even if given a billion dollars. Again, as I said, this takes a lot of awareness. Lots of Shravana, Manana & Nidhidhyasana.

But there’ll be no question of ” how to not quit” or of resilience, once you’ve figured out this piece of the puzzle, that is when what you’ve chosen to do is simply your nature of being.

I still don’t know what it’s called. Purpose? No, this is like, If the purpose is totally present-oriented, then yes, it might be it. It’s like rowing a boat without bothering about the destination. You know your destination, but you don’t bother about that. You are totally immersed in the act of rowing the bow because you feel that way your life is lived at the fullest, each moment.

Probably, this feel, this last piece of the puzzle is also an amalgamation of different aspects – Passion, purpose, and focus, completely immersed in what you do, “not bothering about the result”.

So, when you figure out that task in life that you’re super passionate about, and that has become your purpose, and moreover, you don’t feel like bothering about the result and you are completely immersed in the task at hand, that’s this natural state.

We’ve already discussed passion in Blog43: You’re a Multi-passionate? Purpose and the other two aspects, probably, I’ll write about them in the future. Regardless, you now know what to work on.

Thank You
Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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