Monthly Wrap! (November)

Monthly Wraps are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month which include:

  1. Blogs of the month
  2. Book recommendations 
  3. What did I curate? Resources I’m binging on – of course, I’ll be choosing the major ones. Just a brim of how much I curate!
  4. Reminders & Reflections to ponder – Of various of my reflections of the month, I’ll choose one or a few. And some re-realized reminders!
  5. My writing journey/ my book updates 

Here’s November’s “Monthly Wrap!”

Blogs I wrote this month:

  1. Blog 80: Becoming Deep
  2. Blog 81: INTENTional Living
  3. Blog 82: Get yourself a head start

Book Recommendations:

This month I could read 5 books:

  1. This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin is an interesting book. I knew most of the musical effects on the brain by reading Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks. In this book, however, the author nudges you to think about various specific aspects of music. Can be helpful for music producers.
  2. Kundalini: An untold story by Om Swami. This is a myth-buster. It provides clarity on what kundalini actually is and removes any inaccurate notion we have picked up from the noisy internet. Moreover, the author’s specialty is to tell you everything as though you were his friend. It is easy to read and inspiring!
  3. Daily rituals: How Artists Work (Audiobook) by Mason Currey is a monotonous yet useful book. I say it to be monotonous not because of the narration. The narration is good. But it is just a compilation of the daily routines of various great artists. No inferences, making connections, or conclusions. You need to focus and work on it mentally to take something out of it. I found it a helpful read.
  4. Death – A must-read book by Sadhguru. Incredible read!
  5. Art Money Success by Maria Brophy. Good book but I wouldn’t buy it if it were not for the free credits in Audible. But these kinds of books will definitely nudge you to think in the direction of self-promotion, sales, money, etc which can be helpful especially as most of us (Artists) tend to think less about such aspects of our life.

What I curated:


1. Mike, 2. Wish Dragon, 3. A simple Favor, 4. Dear Zindagi, 5. Searching, 6. Vivo, 7. Karthikeya2 , 8. 100, 9. Secret Obsession, 10. Ocean’s Eight, 11. Ocean’s Eleven, 12. Ocean’s Twelve, 13. Ocean’s Thriteen, 14. Kanthara


  1. Manifest Season 4
  2. Zootopia+
  3. Young Sheldon S6 Ep7


  1. Avatar: The Way of Water
  2. Zootopia+ (Series)

Must watch YouTube videos:

  1. Inspiring home studio
  2. Irrigation pivots
  3. Nuclear Submarine
  4. World’s Largest Digital Camera
  5. MrBeast Burger Opening (One of a kind event)

Reminders & reflections to ponder:

  • There exist great compositions created by great people. But no matter which composition you choose to recite, it can never match the joy of creating your own!
  • You may not do what you imagined to do, but you may do what you couldn’t even imagine
  • Two kinds of people based on forgiveness – One, They forgive themselves immediately but do not forgive others until they’ve vented out or lectured them. Two – They understand and forgive others easily and quickly but find it hard to forgive themselves
  • You can keep rowing a coracle at the same place or if you can work hard the same way with intent, you’ll at least reach somewhere. Hard work for the sake of it is stupidity.
  • Hard work for the sake of it is stupidity

My Writing/Book update:

  • I’ve made some progress in both the books I’m writing.
  • I realized how we are trapped by our karmic cycles and make the same mistakes we already did. Just like I did with my first book, I had abandoned writing itself and I resumed writing again, realizing how important it is and also that the best way to come up with a great book is to make writing a consistent habit.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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