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I know, this whole thing about setting a New Year’s resolution has turned out to be a poor joke to many. And it’s probably because you set a too ambitious goal [If that’s even a real thing], or it was just because you didn’t want it that badly. If you introspect deeply, you’ll have to admit that the latter seems to be the case for almost all of us.

That’s where the role of setting an INTENT comes in. [ Whenever I say INTENT, just assume I said “very strong” as a prefix to it, let that prime your brain that way]. Once you set an INTENT, that’s it, it is done! If you’ve failed after setting an INTENT, it is most likely, that it was not an INTENT, to begin with, unless your intent was such a difficult task as consecrating a Dhyanalinga or something similar.

In my blog 72: Scrap your book, I talked about considering discarding your past and envisioning an ideal future. And I recommend you read blog 81:INTENTional living, where we saw the importance of setting an INTENT. And I recommend you re-read the second chapter of my book to let the truth of an INTENT, really sink in.

Anyway, suppose you’ve already set an intent with clarity/self-awareness, then the next step is to get yourself a head-start. That’s what we’ll be seeing in this blog.

This is very well-known by most of us. People know it & use it in all fields. People wake up early to get a head start for the day, they log in to work, an hour earlier to get a head start on their day’s work, they start working on a project months/weeks earlier than their expected deadlines, great wise stock investors of all time like Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger suggest you invest as early as possible, even before you are at the required age, if possible.

So, why don’t we apply the same to our lives? Of course, we can’t go back in time and plan or work on our lives before we were even born and come to life with a huge head start. That’s not possible, or at least, most of us are not that aware.

However, what’s possible is to give a head start for the next 365 days. Especially now when you have almost more than a month of time to the change calendar.

Ok, we have to admit that we all have our own energy cycles. We have seasons we are high in energy & productive, and we have seasons that aren’t for us, we stagnate. So do I. I have my own energy cycle, creative cycle, and/or productive cycle. I’ll be more productive & consistent in the first 3/4th of a year, and on average, it is usually at peak levels in the month of May [Probably because of added INTENT or resolutions on my birthday], and January [New Calendar].

To be honest, I’m the kind of person who’s looking for any unique date that happens yearly, so that I can convert it as an opportunity to encash the power of the compound effect by building a habit around the intended aspect of my life. So it doesn’t matter what dates or seasons you choose to work.

Of course, it’s not just me, every spiritual seeker, or every person who’s trying to transform himself, in general, is trying to and are evolving constantly on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis.

Getting a head start is something that really helps if you’re such a person. It is simply to start working towards whatever the ideal Life you’ve imagined and set clear INTENT off it before you are expected to show it to the world or you can say before you expect yourself to do it. So, why not just do that now? Why not give yourself a head start for the year 2023? Why not work on that project you had planned for January or February? I believe this blog pushes you to take actions that make your life great for the year 2023!

Thank You
Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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