Becoming Deep

In the blog: People don’t want good, I write something similar. However, this blog is practically more useful I believe. We are talking about depth today – from deep attention to deep personalities.

1 – Deep attention

Everything great arises from great attention – from artistry to liberation. From getting into the state of “Flow” to awakening your latent energy, everything requires great attention. When there’s no deep attention, how can there be deep learning? When there isn’t deep learning, how can there be deep work? And, what can anyone achieve without deep learning and deep work?

The role of attention is very well known to most people and yet people are getting accustomed to 15 secs of content to get knowledgeable or entertained or inspired. It’s only when there’s deep attention, can there be deep experiences. However, everyone’s attention span is decreasing a whole lot, day by day. Social media is definitely a major ‘blame’. But still, it’s a “blame”. Because don’t we agree that the power to choose, is always in our hands?

2 – Deep conversations

If not none, I have very less friends. Why? Because I don’t like to make superficial or even artificial conversations for the sake of it. It’s very hard for me. Asking tough questions and making deep conversations are how I make friends. Masking my personality in the hopes of making a friendship is not something I do. Unless there are deep conversations about various topics, how can you know the other person? The fact that someone asks deep questions and gets me involved in deep conversations itself tells a lot about that person, doesn’t it? But if you look around, or if you meet anyone, people are only having superficial conversations. They are unwilling to take off their social masks and be their true self in front of the other person and ask deep questions to make a deep conversation. Why? Most people are afraid they’ll lose that relationship. They want to “fit in”. Is any relationship worth it to fake yourself? How great it would be if we could talk about and try to solve each other’s internal struggles!

3 – Deep thinking

The problem, as mentioned in my blog: The Biggest Problem for Humanity, is that we don’t think, and not enough. And of course, everything is interconnected here. When one doesn’t have great attention power, how can he/she think deeply? It’s not possible because of 2 reasons: One, the obvious one, it’s because when one has a low attention span, he/she cannot concentrate long enough to think deeply, and two, since one hasn’t spent time in any form of deep learning, there merely exists anything in his/her mind to think deeply, let alone the ability to think deeply. *And here, as mentioned in that blog too, think refers to reflection, imagination, etc, all forms of thinking.

4 – Deep personality

When there’s less depth in one’s attention, hence experience, less depth in conversations, hence less deep relationships, and due to less deep thinking, will one’s personality be less deep. As I said, all of these aspects are so much intertwined. How can there be deep conversations when there’s a not-so-deep personality, to begin with?

This is not a rant, at least I hope it didn’t come across that way. By looking at these points, I think we can try to work on ourselves to deeply expand our attention, and hence learn deeply, do deep work, and have deep experiences. We can try to ask deep questions to make deep conversations. We can try to think deeply and hence build ourselves into great personalities. I hope this was a deep one 🙂

Thank You

Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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