“I am worthless”

Have you ever felt like you are worthless? Or are you one among the few who feel it very often? Believe me, I’m one of them. But if you said yes or no, this blog sheds some light & brings some clarity. If not worthless, have you ever felt like no matter what aspect of life you want to work towards, you seem like a rookie or an amateur? If yes, continue reading.

First of all, even though this is obvious, it doesn’t harm to mention that, you need to observe when you feel that way and know what type of situations or people makes you feel that way. There can be various reasons you feel that way. Mainly:

  1. Comparing: When you see someone who has got something you want so badly, you start comparing that particular aspect of your life to theirs. And obviously, that leads to disappointment. 
  2. Perspective: When you start thinking in a third-person perspective, it may be your friends or relatives or even a family member, you might see how your life is not good, or even, worse according to that person. 

To solve these, is very simple, in theory at least. Like removing thorns by thorns, or diamond cut by diamond, we can eliminate these roots of disappointments in their own way.


  1. COMPARE: We can solve the disappointments caused by comparison, by comparing with ourselves, our past self, instead with others. By seeing how we’ve moved in the awareness timeline, we can be grateful for our growth.
  2. CHOOSE: We can solve both comparison and third person perspective with one perspective shift, and that is, to see it as an INSPIRATION or an INSIGHT instead of it being intimidation. I mean, as I said, when you see someone who has got something you want so badly, you may tend to feel emptiness in you, or may even resort to envy or jealousy, etc. In other words, you are feeling intimidated by the greatness of the other person. However, when you bring back your rational and wise mind, you’ll realize, when you see greatness, it might be MASTERY, BEAUTY, WEALTHY (not just in money, being wise is also “wealthy”), you must get INSPIRED and take in insights rather than feeling intimidated. Don’t you think so? Moreover, intimidation doesn’t take you anywhere, whereas, strong INSPIRATION & great INSIGHTS can shoot you to great heights! So, it comes down to what you CHOOSE! By choosing to get inspired, you’ve turned “rookie for life” into a good thing, as it continuously drives you!
  3. TALLER TREES: We can solve the “I am worthless” problem by taking a peek into reality. And the reality is, no matter how much you grow in terms of anything, there will be “Taller Trees”. There will be a person better than you. So, if you make it this way that you feel great about yourselves only when you are the best in the world, then it’s time to acknowledge that the reality is not in your favor. 
  4. RACING TIME: The ultimate wisdom (if realized) you get from looking into reality is that, even if you compare with yourselves and choose to get inspired by others, you may still feel disappointed, because, you’re racing against time. Anything you choose in life that’s of great significance requires time. A great deal of time. And you have no control over time, and as of now, you don’t know time travel either. Whatever greatness you’re after, it is not something that happens overnight, right? An artist can’t become the epitome of MASTERY just after he decides to become that way, it’s PRACTICE every day, that leads to MASTERY. And if it helps, you can also adopt the mindset of a yogi, he knows that realization takes a lot of time, in terms of multiple lifetimes, depending on his KARMA and his eligibility in total. But still, he continues to meditate and does his SADHANA with full zeal!
  5. NOW: The above insights point to this, it’s the JOURNEY that matters. And what is a journey? A series of present moments, right? It’s only in the “now” that you get to beat time, as it is only in the “now”, that you get to be without regarding any significance to time. So, do not worry about the result, just focus on the work now!

With these wise insights, I believe, you can come to the realization as to what to do when you feel “worthless” or like a “rookie for life”. Do what you’ve got to do, DO GOOD ANYHOW, in the NOW! That’s all you’ve got to do. Once you set yourself an INTENT, all you’ve got to do is move towards it, one step at a time, one after the other.

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