In blog 4: Live to Inspire Creatives, we saw what I call the “Magic Cycle of Inspiration”. And through that we now know that to constantly be in the loop of inspiration, we need to CREATE and SHARE. In that blog, we discussed why those two elements are important. Continuing the discussion further, in my book ( I don’t know whether you’ve read my book yet) I mention, that’s how most people can choose to LOVE what they do and SERVE themselves and people at the same time.

However, in this blog, I’d like to dive even more into “CREATE” specifically. Even though CREATE is a simple and easily understood verb, However, many a time the meaning of it may veer off its meaning.

A process that involves creativity and self-expression in such a blend that both those elements contribute originality to the process as well as to the product, is called CREATION. When I say CREATE, I’m referring you to, being involved in such a process.

CREATE = CREATIVITY (Originality) + Self-expression (Originality)

Or you can also say CREATE: ORIGINALITY

Art is that which has these characteristics. It’s purely the process and the product of the process “CREATE”. I’m not just saying ART=CREATE, I’m saying, CREATE=ART. That is, if something is said to be CREATEd, it definitely must be ART and ART only. It might be even a new scientific invention, it is an art, because don’t you think that the inventor is trying to express himself through it? And of course, you’ll agree that an invention involves creativity and creativity that’s unique to the inventor’s life, don’t you think so? (By the way, please do not confuse “Discovering” with “inventing”).

Of course, to be real, there does not exist a creative work with self-expression that’s not original, if there’s no originality, it’s not purely creative work, nor is it truly self-expression. Does that make sense?

I’ve talked about this in one of my YouTube videos too. Self-expression comes from individual unique human experiences. Each individual’s unique experience itself is that acts as a breeding ground for Creativity too. Because unless there’s a particular unique need in the individual’s life, there’s no need for creativity (we’ve known this quote “Necessity is the mother of Invention”). And it need not even be mentioned that these experiences are what, that give us originality.

One cannot separate Creativity, Originality, and Self-expression in the process of “CREATE”. But still, there’s a lot of confusion among people, regarding this process called “CREATE”. They tend to express what’s already expressed that resonated with them, without no originality in terms of creativity used. I’ll ask you this: if you make something that is the same as and has the same impact as another piece of creative work, then, is your work really creative? Is your work truly unique self-expression?

Genuine attempts at mimicking something do not make it art. In other words, A genuine copy is still a copy, not art!

Of course, mimicking nature is an exception to this statement. Mimicking Nature is one of the purest forms of ART.

Or some tend to forget their originality and try to make something weird in hopes to make it, a creative work. Simply weird, is not ART. I repeat, Simply WEIRD is not ART! I think self-expression is what gives this distinction. It is truly his/her own self-expression that has the unique stroke of creativity, and that is ART!

I’d like to mention more quotes that I’ve written in the past related to this blog. All of them are true and I’ve already shared them before, but they are worth mentioning again. I hope they act as reminders!

An artist’s duty is to make his creative thoughts, emotions, memory, and any form of self-expression into a tangible piece of work – an artwork.

Art is not just a skill. Art is how one uses that skill.

An artist is someone who uses his creativity and imagination more than mere intelligence and memory. The latter are just accessories.

Creativity is a process where there’s something intangible created. And it is an artist’s duty to make that intangible into tangible, and who’s not an artist?

Create means art, art alone!

Everything that you create that’s one of its kind is an art! It can be copied but cannot be recreated. In other words, anything that you create that has its own essence (originality) is an art! And also, the word Create suits only that way, CREATE ART. If you said CREATE, it must be art, if not, it’s not CREATE, the word you are looking for is copied, imitation, or mimicked.

Well, It’s not bad to be a hack. But please, don’t pretend to be an artist!

Being called an artist is easy, being an artist is hard. But please choose the “hard”. Please be an artist in the world of hacks!

Artist is not a status quo. Being an artist is a responsibility! Summon enough courage to take that responsibility!

Thank You

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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