Monthly Wrap! (June)

Monthly Wraps are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month which include:

  1. Blogs of the month
  2. Book recommendations 
  3. What did I curate? Resources I’m binging on – of course, I’ll be choosing the major ones. Just a brim of how much I curate!
  4. Reminders & Reflections to ponder – Of various of my reflections of the month, I’ll choose one or a few. And some re-realized reminders!
  5. My writing journey/ my book updates 

Here’s June’s “Monthly Wrap!”

Blogs I wrote this month:

  1. Blog 58: Understanding Advaitha | Part -1 | Advaitha relative to Dwaitha
  2. Blog 59: Understanding Advaitha | Part -2 | Myth-busting
  3. Blog 60: Understanding Advaitha | part – 3 | Why these discrepancies?
  4. Blog 61: Monthly Wrap! (June)

NOTE: I’ll pause the “Understanding Advaitha” series for now. To simplify and try to convey Advaitha’s core philosophy relative to what people already know, so that it’s easily understood, and then, busting myths around Advaitha, and finally explain the root causes for those myths.  I hope I have given enough for someone who’s beginning to understand Advaitha and that was the only intent behind this initiative.  So, Until I have another intent/purpose, I won’t be writing about Advaitha. Because it’s useless to talk about Advaita for the sake of it (Bcz all that needs to be said has already been said by Krishna, Shankara, etc) , especially without interacting – answering questions. Until then, MEDITATE!

Book Recommendations:

This month I could read 4 books:

  1. Mind Full to Mindful by Om Swami – The first book I read by Om Swami was The Wellness Sense. I really enjoyed reading it and got a lot of value from it. And that made me buy these 2 books of his. This book is also very good. It has very short chapters and hence an easy read. It mainly focuses on Zen. Zen can be practiced whenever regardless of the task you are performing in your day. But unlike the wellness sense, I didn’t get much novel information or ideas through this book, however, it was a great reminder!
  2. When All is not well by Om Swami -As I mentioned, this is the third book that I’ve read written by the author. His writing is very simple and engaging. The real-life stories he adds to the book, as examples of intended points are very engaging. This book talks about sadness, depression, anxiety, and how to handle it, all said through the ayurvedic lens. Even though finally there’s nothing new again – food, exercise, meditation, prayer, etc are the simple action steps you can take to control your or someone’s life who’s suffering from extreme sadness or depression, However, I think this is a must-read book to every all belonging to GenZ. Because it acts as a great reminder and helps us to be more mindful of our food, exercise, meditation, prayer, and through them, our mental health.
  3. Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday. 4th read of the book written by the same author. Ryan Holiday is an author who is the best compiler. He takes a topic and gathers all there is in history to give real-life examples for the point of explanation. This book specifically was highly inspiring and resonated with me a lot! I suggest you read this book if you’re on the verge of making a leap or already have made one. CAUTION: Only for the brave!
  4. Aparokshanubhukthi by Sri Adi Shankaracharya – So clear, straightforward words. Start with this book if you want to know about Advaita. Super basic, yet it is still Advaita, so it has to be mind-provoking, but still Sri Adi Shankaracharya manages to say all he has to say in an as simple manner as possible.

What I curated:

  1. The Greatest Showman (Must Watch) (Also must listen to “A Million Dream”)
  2. KGF Chapter 2
  3. X-Machina
  4. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness (Of course, Must Watch)
  5. Speed
  6. Speed 2
  1. The Flash ( Amazon Prime Video)
  2. Young Sheldon ( Amazon Prime Video)
  3. WandaVision (Hotstar) (completed)
  4. Air Crash Investigation New Season
  5. Superstructures Engineering Marvels (Completed)
  6. The Queen’s Gambit (Completed)
  7. Inside Incredible Machines (Completed)
  • Avatar: The way of water
  • Strange World
  • Black Adam
  • Man vs Bee
Few (must watch) YouTube videos:

Agnipath Scheme – Don’t get misled | Rioters Exposed [Spread the news]

Studio Tour:

  1. My New Music Studio – Moving From France
  2. I’ve Got a HUGE Secret Hiding Behind This Fake Office

Science: The Absurd Search For Dark Matter

Reminders & reflections to ponder:

  • Ignorance is bliss. Until there’s a glimpse of light.
  • People who see greatness in others have at least the possibility to be great because they aspire to be!
  • Unless the person is observed clearly & deeply, a spiritual person is always seen as a mad person or at least a misfit.
  • It is not just torturous when you are in a gas chamber. It is torturous when you are forced to drink mediocrity!
  • When you are detached, acceptance is natural

My Book Update:

  • Few insights have arrived to make the simpler and more profound.
  • But in terms of work, as in words written, it’s near to zero. I’ve been occupied by concerts, recordings, etc.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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