A Compass For Life!

In blog 2: Read your obituaries I talked about remembering our mortality every day to put our whole life into a clearer perspective.

However, that blog was just a reminder and advice in a general or broad sense. It was more about pondering what you would do now, knowing that you’ll die today.

In this blog, I want to show you how to use that reminder in your life specifically to test/check the direction you’re headed in life, just like a sailor’s compass that helps him navigate through the seas and oceans.

If I die now! ( From here on, don’t just read, ask like you truly mean it)

Ask yourself this ” If I die now, i.e, this instant, this immediate second, would I die living a fulfilled life?”, “If I die now, what would be my story, how does it look like, do you like it?”, “Did you live life to your fullest?”, “Were your dreams fulfilled? or at least, did you die working on it?”

If you answered yes to all those questions, you may stop reading, you’re living a fulfilled life. But I think most people aren’t ready to die yet. Why’s that? If you lived a fulfilled life, you would be able to accept death with grace whenever it dawns upon you.

If you introspect deeply you’ll know that you’re not ready to die because you’re not living the life of fulfillment, or you haven’t started living the life of fulfillment, or probably even far from it, you might have forgotten to live the life of fulfillment itself!

And speaking of the life of fulfillment, please check out my book – The Flower of Fulfillment, which is a great guide to start with, in my opinion, it’s the best first self-help book that anyone must read! And in it, I’ve clearly laid out what is a life of fulfillment, and hence how you can live a life of fulfillment. The life of fulfillment, in short, is basically a conscious and balanced life.

Once you’ve realized “This isn’t the life I want to live”, figuring out how you want to live becomes easier. Moreover, now that you’ve realized how you don’t want to live, you’ve made “How I want to Live” into a conscious choice instead of it being compulsive or unconscious surviving. That’s a major shift towards living a life of fulfillment. 

This major shift is basically a spike in your self-awareness heightened! And that sudden surge of awareness can be highly overwhelming, no doubt. You might even feel worthless and feel like you don’t want to live at all, that’s because you’ve just compared your ideal way of life to the (past) way you’ve lived until now. Let go of the past. Forget however you’ve lived till now, forgive yourself for being so far from the truth, far from a conscious and balanced life.

Write how you want to construct your life so that you’re working on a future but at any point in time you’re living a life of fulfillment. Writing is not compulsory for everyone, of course, it’s the best way to clarify thoughts and especially something so important as your life!

Again, my book will help you a tonne in this process, because the elements of fulfillment are already mentioned there, all you’ve got to do is match your lifestyle with it.

Then Act! Live your life! Live the life of fulfillment. I hope you realize what all changes this simple yet major shift in perspective will bring into your life. You’ll realize there’s no place for procrastination after this shift, no postponing living the life of fulfillment. No excuses whatsoever.

[ I still felt like spitting this out! After this, you should have realized all these as myths – I’ll live a happy life after I graduate, after taking a job, after I’m married, or after I have my own house, or after I have x amount of money, or after I’ve become that, or after I have so and so. They all are just excuses that are postponing your fulfilled life! ]

I believe this blog has brought high value into your life, especially if you’ve deeply reflected on it.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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