You need not be the best!

I’m not a Carnatic music virtuoso, I’m not the best teacher that this world has ever seen, I’m not the best music producer, I’m not a successful YouTuber, I’m not the best writer or a popular blogger, I’m not a best-selling author either.

But I’m way more fulfilled than any one of those people I’d be because now I’m able to be all of it. I’m a Carnatic musician, violinist specifically, I teach, produce music, make videos for YouTube, I write blogs every week, I’ve written my first book – The Flower of Fulfillment, and I continue to write for my next book!

Isn’t that the best thing!? To do everything you love to do at your level best?

And I’m not bragging here, I used my case as an example. Conveying how fulfilled I am is not the intent and purpose of this blog. This blog is not about me, in contrast, it’s about you.

There’s an artist in you too. You’re a musician, a blogger, an author, a dancer, a cinematographer. Explore the artist that you are. And I’ve already talked about who is an artist, in two parts- Blog 19: Are you truly an artist? And Blog 46: Artist vs Hack, please do check them out too.

But wait, I’m not suggesting you do everything superficially, and only make mediocre work. No. I stand on the shore opposite to that.

All I’m saying is this, you need not be the best in the industry to explore the best parts of yourself. Go on, explore the best musician you can be, explore the best writer you are, so on.

The problem is, everyone wants the certainty of the success of the venture they haven’t started yet! Just because you are not A R Rahman, does not mean you should not try composing music, just because you’re not Elon Musk, does not mean you should not think big, just because you are not Casey Neistat, does not mean you shouldn’t make videos on YouTube, just becauseā€¦ ok, you get the point, right?

The reason I’m pointing out this problem/issue is that I’ve seen and heard people reasoning their inaction to their lack of natural abilities and hence they can’t be “that”. And it’s definitely not a reason, it’s an excuse. It is such a silly excuse to not work, one of the silliest!

Just because you can’t be someone else, doesn’t fade the truth – the magic you are! You are unique! Go explore that uniqueness! CREATE and SHARE! Go be YOU!

Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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