Monthly Wrap!

Yes, that’s right! I changed the monthly book recommendations (which are blogs that are up on the last Sunday of the month) to “Monthly Wrap” because as always, I have more to give, hence I keep expanding the means through which I can do that.

So, what does a Monthly Wrap include?

  1. Book recommendations 
  2. Resources I’m binging on – of course, I’ll be choosing the major ones.
  3. Reflection to ponder – Of various of my reflections of the month, I’ll choose one or a few.
  4. My writing journey/ my book updates 

I think I may add more to this list as I move on.

With that said, here’s this month’s “Monthly Wrap!”

Book Recommendations:

This month I could read only 1 book:

  1. Lifespan by David Sinclair (Paperback): Not up to my expectations. I only liked the 4th chapter where the author shared the practical applications/actions you can take in your life daily to maximize your lifespan. Otherwise, the author is more focused on medicines/drugs that can be taken to probably improve and enhance your ability to live your life to your maximum age, which is not my area of interest and the technologies are still very primitive or baby steps to be stepping into this early.

Resources I’m binging on:

  1. Shark Tank 
  2. Katha Upanishad

Reflections to ponder:

  1. Yoga is not of distinct types. It’s like a spectrum of light that has beams of different wavelengths. In simple words, all types (what we call) of yoga – Jnana, Bhakthi, Karma, and Raja are so essentially one, they are intertwined so well.
  2. You may change your yogic path if that’s what it takes to have a Guru.
  3. Think of liberation only after you’ve done enough work at least in the direction of one yogic means.

My Book Update:

  • Nothing much except the fact that the core is accumulating gradually and at random times.
  • Storyline yet to be received. Or who knows I may not use a story in this book at all, I’m still unsure about that.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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