You’re a Multi Passionate?

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a long time. Mainly because over time, I’ve seen many of my colleagues, friends, relatives, etc give this as a reason to not do anything.

But, I understand. Even I’m a person with multiple passions. I love many things in life, I love life itself, and capturing life is an artist’s job, and I need not remind you again how everyone has an artist inside of them. So, again, I’m a multi-passionate. You may take a look at my Instagram page to re-infer.

I’ve asked people what do you plan to do next? Of course, by that question, I mean, what direction would you like to head in. Because nobody can know what exactly they’ll be doing in the future, and planning too meticulously is like highly delusional daydreaming, a waste of time and energy. Instead, if we must think at all, we must think of what direction we must tread on.

Anyway, back to today’s topic. When I ask people about their passion. Some are very clear about what they like. They even are clear of the extent to which they like, what parts of that work they don’t like, etc. And others are not so clear about it, but they are for sure are trying to act in the direction they slightly like currently. And that’s ok too.

Some people, however, are always in a state of inaction. Mainly because of the excuse in the disguise of a reason they’ve attached to it. They say it’s due to their passion towards multiple avenues that they’re confused and that’s stopping them from doing anything. And that’s disturbing.

I can understand how being passionate about many things can be confusing. But I give you this, action/work is the only solution to this.

And before I go a little deep into how you can act on your interests, I’ll have to point out the difference between interest and passion. And that’s exactly the difference that’s making you confused and overwhelmed to even start acting on your interests to make it a passion.

Interest is like a wish or a dream. Interests may be of something you haven’t tried. Whereas, passion is something you’ve already enjoyed doing. Something that makes you lose track of time, something you’d like to lose yourself in.
And neither interests nor passions require it to be your income source. So, it can be your passion without being an income source. And if you mean by finding passion, your way of making money, sorry, they both are very different. It’s a bonus/luck if a person’s passion intersects with his way of making money.

That being said, let’s come to the core of this blog, how to act on your interests and find your passions.
Let me articulate it better stepwise:
1. GET CONSCIOUS! What I mean by that is, first of all, you have to recognize all the interests that are buried in yourself.
2. WRITE down. When you articulate something, especially through writing, it gets engraved in your mind, or at least it gets way clearer. So, write those interests and I suggest you write that as a paragraph instead of a list, explaining slightly how that interest originated in you and whatever you’re thinking about it at the time of writing. In other words, you’re writing your interests in your journal.
3. CHOOSE one, two, or three based on your time, and capability to handle multiple things at one time. I take 2 or if those interests are relatively connected and only 1 if it’s a very deep concept or skill of my interest. And remember, this choice is just temporary. You’ll have to go back to that excerpt of your interests you wrote in your journal after you’ve explored the chosen interest and reached a plateau in your fun and learning curve. So don’t worry, you’ll get to do all those things you’re passionate about, we’re just choosing 1 or 2 temporarily so that you don’t burn out too quickly trying to do everything at once.
4. SCHEDULE. Like I suggest in installing any new lifestyle, scheduling is very important. You need not mark it in your calendars if that’s not how you schedule any other reminders. You can just implant a strong intent and attach it to a particular date and time.
5. DO. After you’ve been through these steps, the only thing left to do is to do it. Go, explore your interest of choice and find your passion!

With that, I conclude this blog wishing you all the very best in your endeavor in finding your passions.

Thank you,
Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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