The Pot Of Solitude

Almost every blog I write is based upon the last week or the experiences and reflections that I’m currently going through. Alike that, this week too, I’m writing this blog based on what I’m currently doing.

I’m refueling my pot of solitude. That’s right. I call it that because that helps me explain to make you understand the essence of solitude. Imagine, the essence of Solitude is like an elixir. I mean everything that it brings and the blissful nature of it itself. And imagine you have your pot where you store that elixir. That’s the Pot of Solitude.

We’ve given up to this distracting modern world to stay strong and preserve that elixir from being evaporated off the pot of Solitude. So now, we are not able to conserve and preserve the essence of solitude for long. Of course, there are exemptions. There are probably dozens or maybe even hundreds of people who can do that. Saints, gifted ones ( to make the conversation easier), other deliberate practitioners. However, I’m not one of them. I intend to walk in their paths though.

So, people like me, get exhausted, bored, lazy! Natural, right? How about you? You’re never out of that sense of completeness? And it’s because it’s time to refuel the Pot of Solitude.

As I’m writing this blog, my vow of silence is half complete, few hours to go. I do this often, taking a vow of silence every now and then. I usually prefer weekends when I don’t have to teach or be taught. Of course, now don’t supposedly think that I’m lacking that completeness right now, I do this practice for various other reasons however, those reasons are out of the scope of the blog. I’m good, thank you, I’m grateful that you care for me.

Now, let me come to the core, the call to action. Simple, just don’t talk for a day! Of course for better effect, you may try not talking for a few more days, weeks or months. But that may not be feasible for any of us, as we’re trapped by time, we’re just busy doing what we do. And one day cannot be ‘no’ for anyone. Really, nothing can be an excuse if say you can’t, not talk just one day, you’re just avoiding it.

Anyway, here’s how you do it. Just tell your family about your vow of silence ( optional, depending on where your family likes to stand at this topic, they’ll support you or try to make you talk), then just be aware an entire day of your brain trying to communicate but do not talk. And by the way, it does not count if you stay silent when nobody’s at home.

And that should refill your pot of solitude. I won’t say that you’ll find solutions to every problem you have in life, or that they all vanish magically. But I can tell you this, it almost gives you at least one insight or a solution to a problem or a mental pullback you were experiencing before. And even if it didn’t, even if you don’t come up with an insight or a solution, you’ll definitely be washed over by that pure solitude you let your body and mind experience for just one day. And for starters, it may at least make you conscious of the words when you talk. Of course, its benefits are far beyond just that, but it is probably the most primitive way to self-control and reboot or sparks a spiritual journey!

Thank You,
Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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A creative personality striving to live life to the fullest and inspire creatives through creating and sharing artworks in various forms – music videos, blogs, etc Sanath Kumar Naibhi is a Carnatic Classical musician, violin being his instrument of expertise. He has completed his Proffeciancy Level Music Exam ( Vidwat ) in distinction. He has also been a vivid writer for past year, just writing online or hoarding in his notes up until now. Now that this website is launched and the whole purpose is to share his work, he writes blogs and shares weekly newsletters of off his wisdom hoarded notes. Also, he is amidst the journey of writing his first book which intends to brings awareness of “Living a Life of Fulfilment”.

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