Order & Chaos

In the last blog, I mentioned how I was dealing with resistance lately. And this week, I re-realized the importance of constant energy and force required to sustain an ordered state. And the power of habits is great but remember the habits themselves do not have their own intelligence and do not discriminate between good and bad. So it’s very soon and easy for you to fall for compulsive habits, destroying the order you’ve created in your life, by the discipline principles and systems you’ve set.

This is exactly what happened to me a few days ago, was almost trapped in a compulsive habit, which, luckily, I got off quickly. Anyway, I won’t be describing my situation here. However, I would like to explain ‘Order and Chaos’ through an example a physics lecturer at the college used to explain the same.

Imagine, you take two types of sand-like samples. The difference in type is namely in its color. Two samples of sand-like particles of different colors, let’s say Red and Black. And it is filled in a beaker, the colors still separated along the horizontal axis. This is the ordered state.

A beaker containing 2 colored ingredients.

Now suppose, you mix those two types of sand with a stirrer or a glass rod clockwise, what will happen? The colors get mixed. And this is a Chaos state. The physics lecturer stopped after explaining the irreversibility of the same process. That is if you stir the beaker in the opposite direction to what caused the chaos state, that is, in the anti-clockwise direction, the two types of sand remain mixed, probably even more evenly mixed, but do not return to the initial state of order. And to separate the two ingredients, you will have to handpick each grain and segregate them.

This simple activity gives us the key takeaway of this blog. Chaos is easy. Chaos is eventual if there’s no constant force to sustain order.
Order, however, is hard, it requires more energy, time, focus, dedication, etc. Here, mixing the two ingredients was very easy, however, bringing them back to the state of order is hectic!

This is why we need discipline, systems, and routines to create and sustain order in our lives. And if you somehow even just slightly slipped within that order, chaos is immediate. And you have to fight back and restore the order. Order and Chaos may be in different forms – Creativity & Resistance, Productivity & Procrastination, Discipline & compulsive, so on. And as the yin-yang depicts, there’s chaos in order and there’s order in chaos. No wonder why you cannot sustain order forever and rebuilding is necessary whenever it treads towards chaos. And no wonder we’ve seen people from the worst to the worst.

Thank You,
Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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