An Imaginary Friend

Ok, first of all, Happy 2022! May this year bring more awareness, health, Love, and freedom to you!

In this blog, I want to share something with you through an imaginary character. This imaginary character is my friend, I like to imagine. I want to be around him, brainstorm ideas with him, and work together to create something that’s worth sharing. Let’s call this imaginary friend of mine ‘The Creative Partner’.

Let me describe him even more. As the name suggests, he’s creative. He’s the epitome of creativity. He’s a true artist, that is, one who creates and shares, one who constantly gifts people, his art. He never stops because of anything. No matter how many people receive his gift, all he cares about is the impact, the change that he bought in that one person who received it. He’s so clear about it, all he loves to do is create and share his art. He’s never defeated by resistance and inertia, he’s always working on one or the other project.

And I wish to hang out with him, because I truly need someone like him to push me to create and share more, to be generous to gift more, of my art. Also, I’d like to be with him because when I’m feeling sad about how many people received my art, I want him to laugh at me out of pity and remind me what art is all about!

Well, this character may be fictional but is very significant in explaining something truly valuable. What I mean to say through this blog is the importance of a creative community. The world requires more artists, the world requires you to be creative! And for you to be creative, you definitely require the support of the first circle of people around you. You do not want people who make you hold back your gifts. You have to be with people who are creative, true artists and are efficient in being one. They’re not the ones that get defeated by the power of resistance. They’ve got the audacity to work and they promote you and encourage you to show your work!

The mass media is marching towards a complete mess of mediocrity. True value is rarely to never appreciated. And that is knowingly or unknowingly impacting the creative community, the true artists.
What I’m seeing lately is many budding artists getting disappointed by the lack of appreciation for their art. Luckily, I’ve passed that phase of my life, but I surely want to help those in that state right now and the ones that may enter into it in the future. It is hard I know, but be creative!

But this can stop if you decide to make a change within yourself. If you decide to appreciate more the true art and artists and stop settling for mediocrity the mass media is choking you. Support and encourage the true artists around you. Let me guess, if you’re still wondering who’s a true artist, I’ll give a hint, it’s simple, someone who’s creating and sharing something that is one of its kind and is doing it on a regular basis.

And if you’re an artist, you’ve got responsibilities too to grow and improve the quality of the creative community. Not only should you support, encourage and promote other artists around you, but you have to be you, you have to be an artist, consistently. You have to create and share, and also, constantly raise the bar of your creativity and originality. That’s a lot to ask, but wait, aren’t you an artist? If yes, then I need not even ask you all these, it’s your natural state to CREATE and SHARE true ART!

Thank You,
Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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