Would You Recognise Shree Rama?

You can consider this blog as a preface of my blog The Gifts of Obscurity or a continuation of my other blog People Don’t want Good. Either way, I mention them just to help you to think and understand even better this perspective I’m going to talk about in this blog.

Ok, I’ll not beat around the bush, let’s consider this hypothetical scenario and I’ll ask you the core question that kicks off the conversation. If Lord Shree Rama existed right now, would you recognize him? And since this is a hypothetical scenario, there are a few other conditions. Here, Rama is not a son of a King, his father is neither a grand craftsman nor a rich dad either. Hence he’s not the prince, no ascending throne, no marrying Seetha, no going to a forest, nothing, but all the qualities of his great personality remain the same.

Would you still recognize him? Would you recognize his skills, wisdom, the purest and the finest personality human minds could ever imagine? Would you recognize Shree Rama? Would you bow to him?

You may apply the same scenario to various others with other great personalities in place of Shree Rama. It may be Sri Shankaracharya or Swami Vivekananda. Would you recognize Shankara disguised in casual clothing? Would you recognize Swamiji before he went to the US and gave his amazing and world-famous speech?

And the answer is obvious and certainly no.

So with this in mind, I’ll give you a few points to takeaway.

  1. Even though no person may ever seem to reach such ideal states of personality, the essence remains in each and every being on this planet. In other words, the intensity may vary but the essence of those great personalities is in you. You are as great a personality as Shree Rama, Sri Shankaracharya, and/or Swami Vivekananda.
  2. Even though those ideal states of being are very hard to possibly be, do not quit the direction itself. Continue to follow in the footsteps of those great personalities, no matter how difficult it is. 
  3. And if you’re already heading in that direction and still you may not be recognized for what you are, so what should be your approach is that you should not work for the recognition. First, accept that people won’t recognize you. Forget about external validation. Forget those rare fancy stories where a potential person is recognized by people resulting in an explosion of growth in that person’s life. Work for you! Work towards that ideal balanced state, no matter what!  
  4. When I say people won’t recognize you, we have one more takeaway to look at. You and I are also part of ‘people’. So we have to share equal responsibility in recognizing people. Recognizing Shree Rama, Sri Shankaracharya, and/or Swami Vivekananda in people.

I think that’ll wrap this blog, but now that you’ve come along with me for this long, I’ll have to confess a mistake I made and share the corrected/changed course I’m taking for the future. Ok, it’s not a huge blunder, but since it’s related to the blogs I write, I’m sharing it here. In the last blog: Advaita & Meditation, I made the mistake of sharing things that are too personal. It disappointed me when people who couldn’t see my honesty in it remarked with their judgemental attitudes. That is how I realized it was a mistake to share my spiritual journey in a public blog. First of all, spirituality seems too cliche as it is. Second, it sounds even cliche when it comes from a 21-year-old boy. But of course, there were many people who loved that particular blog and some even said they could ‘feel my words’. And I’m so grateful to those, thank you so much.  

But still, I made a decision to create a new page on my website for my personal blogs which are not linked to my newsletter nor will I promote it on my social media, anywhere. It’s just for my love of writing and the love to document my journey that I’ll write there. Moreover, Nobody can stop me from writing! By the way, if you’re interested in reading my personal blogs, you may read them on the personal blogs page on my website which will be up by this week!

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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