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I previously thought (last year), that I was a very good reader due to the fact that I read only 1 book every 1 or 2 months because I had this notion that I’m doing it well, the quality of my reading is greater than if I’d be reading 4 or 5 books a month and that I’m reflecting better on each of those books and implementing better by keeping the number of books read low.

Then I finally realized (This year) that, quantity and quality are not inversely proportional, but in fact, they are directly proportional in most cases. I realized my capacity to grasp the contents of the books relied on the intensity of my focus and the familiarity of topics in the books, both are factors that improve only by practice, only by increasing the quantity of what you read.

This applies to your work too. By the time I launched my website, I knew this fact already, that to get better at anything, focus on consistent quantity and the quality will take care of its own. And that’s what I did. I committed to writing a blog every week regardless of its quality. I don’t think I’ve depreciated in quality of my writing, but conversely, it has increased, for sure!

I wanted better ideas, so I received and captured all ideas, bad or good, soon I started receiving more and better ideas. And it’s not that I’m great at doing that in all aspects of my life. I’ve continuously failed multiple times to get the quantity of my YouTube videos up. Compared to the past year, I’ve definitely improved, but still not enough, working on it.

Anyway, don’t get caught up in the debate. Quality may be more valuable, but when what brings that quality is quantity, quantity wins over quality, right? They both coexist anyway, so it’s not Quantity vs Quality, instead, it is Quality through Quantity. So set a long-term vision of quality and set larger quantity goals, larger than you think. That solves the problem, simple, isn’t it?

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Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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A creative personality striving to live life to the fullest and inspire creatives through creating and sharing artworks in various forms – music videos, blogs, etc Sanath Kumar Naibhi is a Carnatic Classical musician, violin being his instrument of expertise. He has completed his Proffeciancy Level Music Exam ( Vidwat ) in distinction. He has also been a vivid writer for past year, just writing online or hoarding in his notes up until now. Now that this website is launched and the whole purpose is to share his work, he writes blogs and shares weekly newsletters of off his wisdom hoarded notes. Also, he is amidst the journey of writing his first book which intends to brings awareness of “Living a Life of Fulfilment”.

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