The Gifts of Obscurity

No matter how great you grow, in terms of awareness, work done, or how knowledgeable and skilled you become, it’s still a probability that you might be recognized by the people for all that you are. But that does not mean you are not what you are. You are still worth as much as you see yourself. It’s just that, not all get lucky to be placed in the spotlight. Or, we can also say that, not all get lucky to stay off the spotlight.

Yes, that’s right, staying off the spotlight has its own benefits that are irreplaceable by fame.

So in this blog, I thought why not write about the gifts that obscurity brings to us. To be honest, even I struggle a lot when it comes to accepting obscurity and being grateful for the benefits/gifts it brings us. And I hope through this blog, I convince myself and you to accept and be grateful for your obscurity.

Ok, let’s see what are the gifts:

  1. Obscurity is truly a gem when it comes to the growth of an individual. Yes, you grow a lot when you’re in obscurity, that’s for sure. When no one’s watching, you have the ability to grow 24/7. Even if you abandon your work nobody cares, and hence you can keep learning. And if you’re someone who’s looking for some amount of reverence, you’ll seek to solve what’s not working that you’re still unrecognized, and hence you’ll keep growing.
  2. Greatest opportunity to fail. When nobody’s watching, you can fail hundreds and thousands of times. And failing, or instead of calling it that, it’s actually setbacks. Setbacks are the greatest things that can happen to you for your growth. When you get to know something didn’t work, you’ll know what’ll work or at least what not to try again.
  3. Obscurity is good for your focus and spiritual path. When no one cares to see what you’re doing, you’ll have the freedom to only focus on things you love to and things that actually move the needle and practices that move you forward in your inward spiritual journey. And that is not possible when you’re floating in reverence, pride, and fame. You’ll have to be aware of a lot of other things and hence scattering your focus.
  4. Enhances the joy of the reverence when your time comes. I mean, if every people accept me and revere me now, then what will I have to taste and enjoy in my Success? Right? It’s due to these days and years of obscurity that I realize the true value of reverence that I may get in the future and it’s due to the same that I’ll be able to enjoy the reverence and be truly grateful for it then.

So, what we’re trying to understand here is this, let go of the stress you’ve loaded upon yourself to be recognized, revered, and finally reach the state of fandom by recognizing the gifts of obscurity and being grateful for the whole process. Moreover, we must also realize that there are things beyond our direct control and the only meaningful thing to do is work, to do your duty! And if you’re an artist, your duty is to CREATE, SHARE, and REPEAT!

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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