I Quit!

For the past month or so I’ve been dabbling with situations that are pushing me to quit! To quit everything! Situations that have made my brains ask questions like why exist? After all that you’ve been doing, nothing works, nobody cares, then why do, why do you even exist?

Oh wait, I thought this blog was going to be a ‘feel-good’ vibes, but it is somehow taking shape as spreading awareness of both the growth and the darker side of being creative. The low-feel days, the identity crisis and the growth side that follows it, the awareness and enlightening curve after those crises and setbacks.

Ok continuing my narration, amidst all those situations, negative thoughts, and emotions that I was sinking deep in, as usual, something miraculous was happening too, I sensed the universe was trying to convey something else but I wasn’t sure of it. I finished reading “The Everyday Hero Manifesto” book by Robin Sharma, yesterday. And my eyes got stuck on this phrase – DO GOOD ANYHOW. I was amazed initially knowing about it, but then as we humans have the natural tendency to forget, I forgot about it.

Then Life threw another scenario at me that would push me to ask those questions that I mentioned earlier [above]. My whole identity seemed to be worthless. What happens if you could do all the work you wanted to do and people hate for you for the not-so-social person you are? what if everybody hates despite having loads and loads of work done to serve the community? And who cares if you write a book when they think you are not even eligible to do that? So many, so many questions like these popped into my head. But I still didn’t realize what the universe was trying to convey. I even wrote all these situations in my journal, and still didn’t get it. Of course, I got a few takeaways like I’ve to improve on my communication skills, and that I’m still 21 and have a long way to go, which I forget very often, and that we are all perfectly imperfect beings and constantly correcting ourselves is part of the process for everyone, but still didn’t get the core message the universe was trying to tell me.

Then all of a sudden, just recently, everything snapped into its place. It was trying to convey RESILIENCE! GRIT! Whatever you call it. It was actually trying to convey something that it had already slapped to my eyes – “DO GOOD ANYHOW”. It was trying to say – “Be Good Anyhow, no matter what”. At that moment I realized how stupid I was not to see it a little earlier. And to be honest, this happened just now, hence I’m writing this even though this is not the blog I had planned to write for today.

Soon, seconds and minutes after that, more and more dots connected together. All the situations, thoughts, and emotions I was going through led to the same inference – DO GOOD ANYHOW, BE GOOD ANYHOW, no matter what. And a reflection note I wrote a few days ago came back to connect with the existing web of pointers already proving the same.
“Balance exists. Just because the ideal state is or seems unattainable, doesn’t mean you’ve to abandon the direction itself.”

All in all, all these set of situations, thoughts, and emotions I’ve been through in the last month has proved to make me even stronger, and that is what it was trying to say, to become stronger, to become even more resilient, to not stop for whatever’s on the way and no matter what DO GOD ANYHOW!

Thank You,
Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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