Steve Jobs’s Distortion Field

Reality distortion field is a term first used by Bud Tribble at Apple Computer in 1981, to describe company co-founder Steve Jobs’ charisma and its effects on the developers working on the Macintosh project. Steve Jobs’s “reality distortion field” was a personal refusal to accept limitations that stood in the way of his ideas, to convince himself that any difficulty was surmountable. This “field” was so strong that he was able to convince others that they, too, could achieve the impossible.

I like to call it the distortion field, eliminating the “reality” word from it. And the distortion field is actually, that which disrupts people’s existing beliefs that are limiting them and push them hard to see the truth and grow. In fact it should be called the delusion distortion field as it is helping people come out of delusions.

Ok, let’s forget about naming it appropriately. Through today’s blog what I wanted to convey is that, please push your friends, your family towards growth. Push them off the cliff so they’ll realize they have the ability to fly, (metaphorically). Disrupt their belief systems and thoughts, all in order to help them grow in whatever way they’ve chosen.

Many might not like you for it, but don’t bother, because your intent is for their growth. And that’s what it takes to be your friend or colleague or whatever relationship they are in with you. Not to brag, I feel I’m a natural at this, a tower constantly creating a distortion field around the people close to me. If you’re one of my closest ones, you already know how much I’ve impacted you by now. I take being in any kind of relationship, especially friendships and colleague-ship [ 🙂 ], gives me an opportunity to serve them, leave them better than you found them. As soon as I believe in someone, even a little, I start sharing my skills, knowledge, interests, moreover, my passion. I then take up collaboration projects with them even when they’re not that willing. I somehow make sure there’s so much to speak every day and that helps both ends of the relationship. And all this is happening naturally, I’m not consciously taking each step as I’ve told above. But I’m aware I do that. Ok, forget about me.

What I’m trying to say is have this one rule or principle or values, whatever you may call it, in your mind, always! And that is, Leave people better than you found them. And as I said, many might hate you for it, but some will recognize the benefits of being with you, they’ll secretly start enjoying being with you, because deep inside, everybody is happiest when they’re growing and you’re helping them do that.

Serving is our duty. How you serve is subjective and depends on your passion and skills. But the principle of leaving people better than you found them is a universal guide. Everyone can do that and must try to do that. Teach what you know well, Share what you’re passionate about, inspire them to move ahead, or sometimes it might just be to listen to a person with at most attention. Leave people better than you found them!

Thank you,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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