Why You Create What You Create?

In the last blog, I wrote why it’s important to create and share. This blog might help you figure out what is that you love to create that brings meaning and fulfillment to your life.

Ok, let’s start with – What’s it that I create? I create work that brings meaning to my life. The work I put out to the world will somehow become a part of my identity. And part of my identity is to be unique, to be original.

I know in one perspective, there’s nothing truly original. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from trying to be as original as possible, trying to be as unique as possible.

The fact that somehow my identity has the character to be original is that which does not let me go mainstream, or in simple words, I do not let myself make ‘just another cover video’. It’s not that I haven’t tried that ever, I’ve tried few times. It just didn’t make any sense, couldn’t find meaning in doing it, wasn’t fulfilled, don’t remember the process of creating it, only remember the parts where I was adding the elements of true creativity. And that character to be original is there in you, it’s in everyone!

I mean, why should I create something that I’m not proud of. I’m not saying you must only create the best work and until you’re not ready you must not Create, all I’m saying is at any point in time, you can create the best work you can.

I think answering these questions might help in bringing some clarity to why you’re doing something.
Why are you creating what you are creating?
If you’re given a billion dollars right now, would you still be doing it?
If you have only another 6 months to live, would you still be doing it? Will it bring meaning and fulfillment to you?

The reality is like a coin with two faces. On one side, we’re nothing, we are not even a speck of dust in this vast universe. On the other side, nobody else can be you. You are unique. So make it a point that you completely show your Self, your uniqueness through your creative work before you die. That’s what is the duty of an artist. An artist’s duty is to make his creative thoughts, emotions, memory, and any form of self-expression into a tangible piece of work – an artwork. And remember, everybody is an artist. Everyone has an artist living deep inside.

Finally, I would like to leave you with this:
I encourage you to take this challenge: Create something that means a lot to you. Create something just for your Self, not for what’s trendy for YouTube or Instagram’s algorithm. Something very unique that only you could create (Not just another ‘cover video’) Something original. And then share it on your social media platform and tag me, I’ll re-share it. Use #original #creativechallenge #trulycreative. You can also tag and nominate your friends to participate in this challenge and by that you are not only pushing yourself to be creative but also helping your friends do the same.

Thank You
Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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