Ok, let’s kick things off simply by questioning what is Maya? It is simply, delusion. But, Let me explain. Maya is a state where you believe something is true and once you realize the truth beyond that, suddenly, the previously believed truth is destroyed.Once you have the wisdom of what is Maya and how it works, you’ll start noticing it everywhere and very often.

I’ve seen a lot of people in vivid kinds of delusions. I’ve seen people trying to solve a maniac through mere prayers and not working on anything to support and heal the person’s psyche. I’ve been seeing people who believe success will come for them for sure because they have revenge. It may be true that success is the best revenge, but here people have assumed the converse to be true. ( But of course, I believe revenge is unnecessary and even hurtful to you). I’ve even seen people, in fact intellectually competent and enthusiastic seekers arguing for the sake, arguing just to prove their point of view right, when in fact, if they were able to see clearly, there will be no point of bias to debate on. When the point they are trying to convey is already mentioned in their opponent’s. This connects to the delusion that makes few people stagnate at the knowledge, when in fact, they’ve yet to seek and transform that knowledge into wisdom. I’ve also seen people who portray themselves as highly positive, creative, and highly successful in order to get that way, but in fact, they’ve forgotten its clarity that brings all of them, it’s humility that brings all of them, it’s being real as possible that brings them.

But not only that I’ve seen amongst other people, but I’ve also noticed my own stupid brain being in delusion and I’m trying to continuously wash my windshields. To see clearly. So don’t think I’m just sitting here and being sinister and judging people. I know it’s very hard, especially in the beginning to come out of delusions. But once you do get out of a few, it becomes easier and easier. [ I’ll be posting a story of myself when I had confused delusion with reality, so stay tuned for that, Next Sunday : ) ]

I think one thing that has helped me and is continuously doing so, is humility. Always just be aware that the person you’re talking to might be wiser than you. Take in all kinds of feedback, suggestions. Sometimes it may be hurtful because your ego might have attached so strongly to those set of beliefs that the other person is trying to convey.

But I believe that “Only the person who can destroy his own belief system and rebuild a fresh one can grow”.

Maybe, in the end, your belief might turn out to be the truth, but try all possible ways to argue against it, then only can you know whether you’ve reached the clarity over that specific subject. Only then can you be sure that you’ve overcome the delusion.

All I’m saying is this, a delusion is a place easy to go and not know you’re there and humility and introspection are great tools to fight this.

Thank You,
Yours Loving,
Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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