Perception of Awareness

Your awareness and your perception of your awareness are two separate entities.

Almost every blog I’m writing here is by observing people and addressing them. Here is another phenomenon I’ve been observing lately.

Transient Heightened Perception of Awareness

This is a short period where you feel and perceive your sense of awareness increasing and reach a maximum/saturation point. You feel the heightened awareness. You feel everything is in order and under your control. You feel every aspect of life is categorized and you feel you can recognize and categorize them with your awareness. You feel you are way ahead of your peers, way smarter, knowledgeable, wiser, or even successful than everyone around you. 

If continued in this delusion, a person ends up trapped in it, trapped in his ego which will eventually destroy the being. I mean, it maybe true that now you may have got more awareness than before, but when was the last time you checked on your ignorance?

Signs that you are held hostage by your EGO:

  1. You are advising people even when not asked. This is a major one. Watch out carefully!
  2. This one is related to the first one. You tend to talk more in a conversation than being a good listener. Always remember, you’ve got two ears and one mouth. 
  3. You feel this delusional bliss, you feel life is beautiful all of sudden because you have everything under control.
  4. You are also likely to stagnate. As your mind is dominant with EGO, creativity will not even be friends with you. You may not realize you are just doing what others are doing and not what you truly want to make out of creativity. 
  5. You tend to disregard the works of your peers. Not even taking a look at them. This is primarily because your ego is trying to protect itself and the delusion of you being the best of all.

The good news is that this whole process is transient. Most of the time, it tends to go away. The heightened perception of awareness comes back low when the person is struck by the chaos of life and or when he is realized of his state of ignorance. In other words, Life gives a sudden quick peek into the person’s true state of awareness, a view of this delusion. By that, realizing his level of ignorance, which is usually more than the level of awareness, he comes out of the delusion and begins to seek awareness again.

But it’s also possible that if the person’s ego is too strong, it holds to this delusion tightly without any intention to let go of it any soon. So the solution? Again, comes down to awareness. Just be aware of the thoughts, emotions going inside yourself, and even the actions you are taking.

Stop advising everyone, start practicing humility by staying silent and being the best listener in a conversation. Surrender to the supreme and realize how tiny of a minuscule you are. Start working! It’s the best way for you to stay healthy and away from your ego. And by working, you ensure there is no stagnation. Look at the works and support your peers. By this, you are not only boosting them with the encouragement they require but also helping yourself overcome ego and potentially increasing your chances to get more ideas. Because as Ryan Holiday says – ” EGO IS THE ENEMY”.

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi


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