Monthly Book Recommendations

The Monthly Book Recommendation is a short blog post/ newsletter I write to you on what books I read in the previous month and what I’ll be reading next. This month I could read 6 books.

Books I read in June 2021:

  1. The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant- A decent book. Since I’ve already heard the entirety of Naval’s podcast, so nothing was new for me. If you are a person who can listen to a podcast, then don’t buy this book, just listen to Naval’s podcast. And if you are someone who likes to have all the information packed in one book, this might be for you. And by the way, this book is available for free PDF download. 
  2. The Practice Of Brahmacharya – Not at all like what I had expected. Almost all the information I had gathered about Akhanda brahmacharya through surfing online was based on this book I guess, so there were not many extras here. I don’t recommend buying this book, instead go online and learn by diving deep into each concept.
  3. Man’s Search For Meaning – Really a good book. As is, one of the best books of all time. Simple, understandable and yet profound. But still, I don’t think it is worth the hype. It is great but over-rated. Victor’s perspective on the holocaust he survived is insightful on how significant is meaning in life
  4. Stillness is the key – As always, Ryan Holiday has done an amazing work writing this book on stillness. He emphasises the significance of bringing stillness in body, mind and soul.
  5. The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – The author Steven Pressfield explains the concept of resistance and that everyone has two lives – The one we are and the one which we dream to live in and resistance is the gap in between. It such an amazing and short read. It took me around 3 hrs I guess. Must read for all creatives.
  6. Illusions by Richard Bach – If you had to read only one book in your lifetime, it would be Livingston Seagull, if you were to read books of one author, it would be Richard bach. I had read the book Livingston Seagull a long time ago. But don’t know why I hadn’t searched for other books by the same author – Richard Bach. The speciality of his books is that it’s so immersive, artful and over that, it is filled with profound wisdom nuggets.

Enjoyed reading all of them. Now let’s come to my book list for next month.

Books I plan on reading next:

  1. On Writing by Stephen King
  2. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott
  3. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
  4. The Theory of everything by Stephen Hawking
  5. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

My Book Update:

  • Have been re-reading my book from the beginning, getting back the context to continue to write the further chapters.
  • I combined 2 chapters to one as those chapters were too short and not worth being independent chapters of their own.
  • Realized I’m not writing the book yet, I’m just collecting all the reflections of mine that I want for it to go in this book. And now I’ve not even started collecting from external sources to back the content with quotes of legendary thinkers and successful people. I’ve decided to do that in draft 2 or 3. For now, it’s just a collection of pure inner reflections.

Let me know what are you reading currently and what are your favourite books of all time!

Thank You,

Yours Loving,

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

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