3 Reasons Why I launched my Website

Ok that’s just a nice tittle. What I actually wanted to speak through this blog was about something nobody noticed even after my website launch. But still, I don’t want to make you feel like you’ve been baited by a catchy tittle, so let’s see what are the 3 reasons behind launching my website.

  1. Portfolio – Like any artist, I wanted to have a portfolio where people can know about me and my works, all at one place.
  2. Blog – As you are reading this, you already know that I write blogs (Every Sunday) for the weekly newsletter. And I’ve talked about my writing journey in the blog 1 – The Beginning. It’s one of the things I really wanted to do and am enjoying a lot. And I have to thank you and be grateful to you who is taking the time and efforts to read it.
  3. My First Book – I’ve started writing a book, the first one. So I wanted this website, blog, all to be present when my book is completed and ready to publish (Of course it will be self-published) so that people can find me here and also through my blog I’ll have connected to people directly and hence making the announcement of my book a bit easier.

Yes, you read it right! I’m writing my first book. And that is the reason I’m writing this blog, to announce the same. A book based on my entire perspective on Life. Actually, this fact was already there on my website, in the about section, in the last paragraph, but anyway, who cares : )


I’ll be updating you about my work progress of the book I’m writing, through these blogs, now and then. Currently I’m at around 50 pages probably, writing the 10th chapter, of course I’ve skipped writing a major section in the 9th chapter because I wanted to write the 10th chapter so badly and also I admit I wanted to think, read and research more to write the 9th one. All in all for now, I’m enjoying writing the book so much!

So through this, I wanted to tell you that I’m writing my first book and also that I’ll be  taking you along the journey through this weekly newsletters. I don’t know how long will I take to complete this book, 6 months or 1 year, I just wanted you to be part of this journey!

Thank You,

Yours Loving

Sanath Kumar Naibhi

Published by Sanath Kumar Naibhi

A creative personality striving to live life to the fullest and inspire creatives through creating and sharing artworks in various forms – music videos, blogs, etc Sanath Kumar Naibhi is a Carnatic Classical musician, violin being his instrument of expertise. He has completed his Proffeciancy Level Music Exam ( Vidwat ) in distinction. He has also been a vivid writer for past year, just writing online or hoarding in his notes up until now. Now that this website is launched and the whole purpose is to share his work, he writes blogs and shares weekly newsletters of off his wisdom hoarded notes. Also, he is amidst the journey of writing his first book which intends to brings awareness of “Living a Life of Fulfilment”.

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