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Battle everyday even though the war is never won!

I’ve been writing one blog every week since May 2021. Like I mentioned in the blog 119: 6 Ways to take a break!, I broke that streak this year, after 118 blogs. Upon pondering about what may have caused that break, the answer was pretty simple actually. Initially, I thought I needed a break. Because like any resource, creative fuel…

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What are your superpowers?

Everybody is a Hulk when he/she gets angry, they just do not turn big or green, that’s it. Like the Flash or the daredevil, we all have that fire in us to change things in a flash & bring justice around us. And like Iron Man, everyone has that moment, at least one time in your lifetime you’ve created something…

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PRECEDENCE | Prioritize, Embrace & Express the Artist within!

To create a promotional reels, when my sister told me to give what my latest music video is accomplishing in 3 pointers, I wrote this: What if: (Watch that Reel here) That is exactly what my latest music video is. It seems very simple, but it took almost 2 months to plan & execute it, and not to mention that this…

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The Second Key for Students of Life-long learning

Like the previous blog of this sequel, I address only the process of true learning and mastery, not the mass information imposition that the conventional “education” system does. Read the Blog for better context. The first key as I’ve already mentioned in the blog 68: The One thing that distinguishes excellent students, is the most crucial aspect. But that takes…

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Ep58: Tragic Drama | The Screwed System Manana Podcast

The current system of students going to educational institutions for the sole intention of making money after is definitely screwed. Students choose a college based on how good the campus selection is and how many students get employed after being through that college. And then there is another side of the coin, the employers naturally are not interested in your grades but your skills, but still, the degree is necessary, why? And since you are a fresher, they'll squeeze you to the max. for the tiny fees they pay you. Recommended playback speed – 1.25x If you'd like to read the blog instead – ⁠https://sanathkumarnaibhi.com/2022/10/02/the-tragic-drama/⁠   About the podcast: 'Manana' is a Sanskrit word that means Reflection or contemplation. In this podcast, I'll be sharing my deep insightful reflections for you to contemplate and hence live a life of fulfillment! I hope you find great value in this podcast. To know more, head over to sanathkumarnaibhi.com, and if you haven't already check out my book The Flower Of Fulfillment. Thank you for listening, and I wish you have a great day!
  1. Ep58: Tragic Drama | The Screwed System
  2. Ep57: Lifestyle
  3. Ep56: Scrap Your Book
  4. Ep55: Legacy?
  5. Ep54: The Biggest Problem for Humanity

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